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Wenzhou ranks first in Zhejiang on Small and Micro-enterprise Business Environment Satisfaction Index
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Known as an economic feature and advantage of Wenzhou, small and micro enterprises arethe foundation of the city’s economic development. According to the Wenzhou Municipal Administration for Market Regulation, the newly released Zhejiang Small and Micro Start-ups’ Vitality Index Report suggests that Wenzhou ranks the first on Small and Micro Enterprise Business Environment Satisfaction Index and Small and Micro Enterprise Social Contribution Growth Rate Index, and the third on Small and Micro Enterprise Vitality Comprehensive Index in Zhejiang. Last year, 37,991 small and micro enterprises including 3,262 “individual industrial and commercial household-turned-enterprises” and 1,180 scientific and technological small and micro start-ups were founded in Wenzhou. Small and micro enterprises have become Wenzhou’s core competitivenessan important engine of its economic and social development.

Making products ranging from clothing & textiles, hardware, mechanics and electronics, footwear, leather processing, eyewear, pumps & valves to toys, groups of small and micro enterprises with unlimited vitality have developed industrial clusters and economic zones with distinctive features. Wenzhou’s market regulation authorities, focusing on providing small and micro enterprises with help and support, have been actively coordinating governmental departments and agencies including the Commission for Information and Technology, the Bureau of Commerce, the Bureau of Science and Technology, the Bureau of Finance as well as the banking sector to create a favorable business environment for their rapid growth.

In May last year, Wenzhou launched a new Three-year Growth Plan for Small and Micro-enterprises (the Plan). As the government agency taking the lead of the Plan, the Wenzhou Municipal Administration for Market Regulation has fully implemented the reformative measure of “processing applications for business certificates and licenses at one service window”.  As a measure to implement the “At Most One Visit” service reform to further simplify administrative procedures, delegate powers to lower levels, and improve service to increase the sense of gain of small and micro-enterprises, 331 items subject to administrative examination and approval of the municipal authorities for market regulation can now be handled at “one service window”. Since the introduction of the new measure, more than 3000 cases have been processed. Moreover, the municipal administration for market regulation launched “Work Plan for Comprehensively Promoting the Ease of Starting up Businesses” in Zhejiang, slashing the time for starting a new business from the original 12 working days (requesting 6 visits to 5 units) to 2.5 days (visit of one service window) to get the business licence and 4 days to open for business.Thus, it further improves the ease of accessing to market as well as facilitates the standardization of administration.

At the same time, precise support policies have been introduced and adopted around Wenzhou to constantly reduce the cost of small and micro enterprises for innovation and entrepreneurship. Such policies have become a new driver for the featured development of small and micro businesses in Wenzhou. Lucheng explores the fusion of small and micro-enterprises in newly built industrial parks for the effect of “1+1>2” development. Ouhai has launched its “1+1+10” industrial policy system to cover the full growth cycle of small and micro enterprises. Longwan gathers strength and advantages of traditional industrial chains by building small and micro-business parks with their own characteristics. Dongtou optimizes the environment for business development, focusing on “business operation, investment attraction and service”. Pingyang introduces the policy of “trademark loan” and “guarantee loan for science and technology business” to make full use of the intangible assets of small and micro enterprises. Taishun pays the way for the rise of green small and micro enterprises by the policy of “one product, one agricultural park”. Cangnan speeds up the standardized construction of stewed product parks to revitalize the industry.

Driven by various policies, small and micro enterprises have been seeking progress while maintaining stability in operation. It is understood Wenzhou has been rated as an advanced city in Zhejiang for work relating to the growth plan for small and micro enterprises in the past three years. “At present, the number of the city’s registered small and micro enterprises has been up to 210,000, accounting for 85.7% of the total number of enterprises. Last year, 3262 individual industrial and commercial households were transformed, 887 small and micro enterprises were named as leading enterprises, 3,235 small and micro enterprises were designated as growth-type enterprises and 6333 small and micro start-ups were founded. 31 small and micro enterprises were listed on the Zhejiang Equity Exchange Center. ”, said an official in charge from the municipal administration for market regulation. With the continuously optimized business growth environment and the gradually developing  long-term mechanism for the growth of small and micro enterprises, the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship has been continuously on the increase. There is a favorable trend of structural optimization and increasing number of small and micro enterprises that provides a powerful endogenous driving force for the transformation and upgrading of economy.

It is understood that Wenzhou will step up efforts to promote the upgrading of market entities such as transforming individual industrial and commercial households to companies, transforming small and micro enterprises to small scale taxpayers and shareholding structure reforms for small scale taxpayers. Wenzhou will solidly promote the construction of gradient cultivation libraries for small and micro enterprises, foster scientific and technological, export-oriented and promising start-up companies, and strive to create a group of micro-enterprise clusters that are “small, specialized, fine, new and beautiful”.

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