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The Provincial Support Base for Highway Emergency Settles in Wenzhou
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It is learned from Wenzhou Highway Bureau that the Provincial Support Base for Highway Emergency in Southeast Zhejiang will land in Wenzhou and is planned to construct in the first half of this year. It will be built into a highway emergency support base integrating functions of storage, distribution and maintenance of highway emergency materials, personnel drills and emergency command, which will help Wenzhou improve its traffic support capabilities for disasters and emergencies.

As one of the five provincial bases in Zhejiang, the Provincial Support Base for Highway Emergency in Southeast Zhejiang (Wenzhou) complements the base in East Zhejiang (Taizhou) and the base in SouthwestZhejiang (Lishui) to deal with major typhoon floods in the coastal areas of east Zhejiang. Located in Bishan Group of Taoshan Town, Rui’an City of Wenzhou, it covers an area of 30 mu (nearly 2 hectares)with a total construction area of 6,000 square meters. As planned, there will be 2 large-scale reserve warehouses of equipment and steel war bridges, a small equipment warehouse and management rooms and maintenance workshops. In the first phase, it will store large-scale professional emergency equipment including 350 excavators, 60 loaders, 30-meter aerial work vehicles, 3000-pattern drainage vehicles, ice-breakers and snow removal vehicles, and 7 steel road bridges and steel war bridges.

In order to continuously enhance the emergency rescue capability and effectively respond to the dangerous situations, Wenzhou has made great efforts to promote the construction of the highway emergency system in recent years, with the emergency response system becoming more and more complete: the city-level emergency command platform (the third phase of the smart road) has been completed; the county-level emergency command platform and the city- and county-level video consultation system have been set up; and the pilot work of installing video surveillance in rural roads has been carried out innovatively. It is worth mentioning is that in order to deal with the dangerous situations more efficiently and professionally, Wenzhou has also innovatively promoted emergency rescue services, and mobilizedsocial forces to implement emergency rescue.

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