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Wenzhou “Urban Study” Launches into Prato, Italy
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In ancient times, the treasure boats full of Chinese goods braved the wind and waves to spread the Chinese civilization far and wide; today, Wenzhou "Urban Study" embodying the nostalgia and hope of overseas Chinese crosses the ocean to disseminate Chinese culture once again. On the afternoon of January 3rd, Wenzhou Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau,Ouhua Times of Wenzhou Daily Media Group, and Overseas Chinese Association of Prato, Italy, signed the Agreement on Cooperative Construction of Urban Study in Prato, marking the official landing of Wenzhou "Urban Study" in her sister city – Prato, Italy, which is scheduled to open to the public in May. This is the first Chinese “study” in Europe, another pioneering work of Wenzhou’s efforts to “export culture” and a successful example of Chinese culture “going global”.

With a rental investment of hundreds of thousands of euros from the Overseas Chinese Association of Prato, Italy, the “Urban Study” covers an area of more than 300 square meters on the first floor ofa building along a street in the center of Prato and is being decorated with a Chinese-Western design style. Similar to the “City Study”in Wenzhou, it adopts modern, networked and self-service services, and is open around the clock. Italian citizens can borrow with valid documents books with the theme of Chinese history and culture and Wenzhou customs, and books involving the frontier economy, humanities and social sciences. After the decoration, Wenzhou Library will provide more than 10,000 books, several kinds of periodicals, and business management systems and equipment, with the books to be updated regularly every year.

“We want our children to learn traditional culture and let the Chinese culture pass on." Xu Qiulin, President of the Overseas Chinese Association of Prato, Italy, said with excitement. To have a study from China in Prato is the common wish of more than 20,000 Wenzhouese compatriots in the local area. They hold that books are the ties to connect China and the West, enabling Chinese culture to take root in a foreign country.

This idea coincides with the proposal of Wu Min, President of Ouhua Times. As the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wenzhou Library, he put forward the proposal in 2017 ofbringing the “City Study”in Wenzhou to the world as a model of Chinese culture by “building an ‘Urban Study’, which not only meets the reading needs of the vast number of overseas Chinese, but also can tell the stories of Wenzhou to overseas Chinese and foreign friends through the community of overseas Chinese so as to enhance the reputation of Wenzhou ".

Then, his proposal was supported by relevant departments, and was fulfilled thanks to the matchmaking efforts of many sides.

Now, the books from the nostalgic home of Wenzhou eventually realize the dream of Wenzhouese compatriots, offering a new window and new platform for the cultural exchange between Wenzhou and Prato.

In fact, the “Urban Study” is a sister and an overseas counterpart of Wenzhou “City Study”. Yet unlike the “City Study”which is led by the government with the participation of the society, it was organized by overseas Chinese spontaneously. At the next stage, the three parties will join efforts to do a good job in the construction of the study, reader activities and publicity and promotion, and build Wenzhou “Urban Study” into a place for overseas Chinese and international friends to learn Chinese culture, and spread the good stories of Wenzhou far and near.

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