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S1 Leads Wenzhou into the Era of Rail Transit
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On October 1st, the Wenzhou Rail Transit Line S1 begins trial operation. The line runs through the east-west direction of the main city, which will expand the urban framework and lead Wenzhou into a new era of rail transit.

Wenzhou Rail Transit Line S1 is the urban express line connecting the two centers of Wenzhou Metropolitan Core Area -- Central City and Oujingkou New City. It undertakes rapid traffic contact between the eastern and westernparts within the metropolitan area, and connects Wenzhou South Railway Station and Wenzhou Railway Station. Major transportation hubs such as Wenzhou Longwan International Airport. The first phase of the project starts from Panqiao Street in Ouhai District, and passes through the Ouhai District, Lucheng District, Longwan District and Oujiangkou Industrial Cluster Area to the ShuangouAvenue Station of Lingkun Island, with a total length of 53.5 kilometers.

The first phase of the line contains 18 stations, namely Tongling (Station), Panqiao (Station), South Railway Station, Xinqiao (Station), Dezheng (Station), LongxiaRoad (Station), HuiminRoad (Station), SanyangShidi (Station), LongtengRoad (Station), Hi-tech City (Station), Yaoxi (Station), Olympic Sports Center (Station), Yongzhong (Station), Airport (Station), Lingkun (Station) ), Oujiangkou (Station), Ouhua (Station), ShuangouDadao(Station), including 2 ground stations, 13 elevated stations, and 3 underground stations; in addition, 3 reserved stations, respectively Xiuyu (Station), Wenzhou Railway Station, WenchangRoad (Station). During the trial operation, the S1 line will run fromTongling (Station) to the Olympic Sports Center (Station) for a total of 12 stations.

The Line S1 is a rail transit of domestic standard innovation, and is also listed as one of “National Demonstration Projects”, leading the development of national rail transit in many fields. In 2014, the Line S1 was listed as “National Strategic Emerging Industry Demonstration Project”. In 2015, Wenzhou Mass Transit Railway Investment Group officially launched the “National Strategic Emerging Industry Demonstration Project” and vigorously promoted the “four major” key technological innovations in the city's multiple railway units, power supply, communications and signals. In June 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China (MOHURD), the State Railway Administration and the Zhejiang Provincial Government jointly signed the “Framework Agreement for Cooperative Promotion of Urban (Suburban) Railway Demonstration Projects”, requiring Wenzhou to explore actively in planning and construction, equipment application, technical standards, investment and financing, operation management, etc. of the Rail Transit Line S1, forming a replicable and scalable experience as soon as possible to promote the development of China's urban rail transit. In 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission, the MOHURD, the Ministry of Communications, the State Railway Administration, and the China Railway Corporation jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Railways in the City (Suburbs)", and listed the Line S1 of Wenzhou Rail Transit in the first batch of pilot projects. In the meantime, Wenzhou Mass Transit Railway Investment Group actively cooperated with China CRRC, ZTE, Zhejiang University New Network, China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group and other large domestic enterprises, led the preparation of a number of standards for urban rail transit, and actively explored a new mechanism for operation and management, not only established Wenzhou Railway Rolling Stock Corporation, Wenzhou Zhongxing Railway Communications and other companies that integrate production, learning and research, and the two specifications of “Code for Design of Rapid Rail Transit of City” and “Technical Specifications for Municipal Railways” are promoted as standards throughout the country.

Focusing on the future, Wenzhou Mass Transit Railway Investment Group adheres to the construction concept of “rail transportation & new urbanization & wisdom”, and is guided by the “TOD” development model, actively creating a “pearl-chain” urban economic development axis and promoting new urbanization development. At the same time, it will focus on building a city rail transit decision analysis system supported by new generation technologies such as big data and cloud computing. Through the comprehensive effect of TOD development, it will drive transportation and consumption, further promote commercial development along the line and create a new economy along the track.

Urban rail transit shoulders the heavy responsibility of pulling the big city framework, expanding urban space, and alleviating traffic pressure. According to the "Zhejiang Wenzhou City Railway Construction Plan", Wenzhou City Rail Transit will implement the first phase of S1, S2, S3 lines, etc. The total length of the lines is 140.7 kilometers, with a total investment of 43.23 billion yuan, forming the track of "Daluo Mountain Surrounding"in Wenzhou. The radiation of the traffic circle will drive the surrounding urban agglomerations, and will support the spatial layout of the metropolitan area planning.


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