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Li Changjiang, Chairman of the Board of Wenzhou Municipal Transportation Group,to Answer Local Citizens’ Calls new
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Wenzhou International Cruise Terminal Goes into Normal Operation
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On August 30th, Wenzhou International Cruise Terminal will be officially put into operation and will initiate its first cruise tour in 2018. It is learned that, after the application of enterprises and the examination and approval by the Port Office of Wenzhou Municipality, the relevant regulatory authorities, the Municipal Tourism Investment Group (preparatory) and the Wenzhou Port Group, six cruise voyages, which are expected to carry 10,000 tourists throughout the year, have been confirmed to start from Wenzhou International Cruise Terminal from August 30th to the end of this year.This means that “theEra of East China Sea" marked by the normal operation of Wenzhou International Cruise Terminal is officially unveiled.

Located atZhuangyuan’aoPort Area in Dongtou District,Wenzhou International Cruise Terminal has a total investment of about 300 million yuan, whoseBerth No. 7 is 340 meters long and 50 meters wideandallows 50,000 tonners andeven 100,000 tonners to berth. Its passenger inspection hall, with the exterior walls painted with yellow, dark green, light blue and dark blue, measures about 6200 square meters, handling nearly 220,000 person-times annually.Inside the hall, there are Area of Customs Clearance for Inward and Outward Passengers, Waiting Area, Baggage Area and so on. The successful opening of Wenzhou International Cruise Terminal not only fills the vacuum in cruise industry in southern Zhejiang and Northern Fujian, but also promotes the opening up of Wenzhou and the development of its tourism economy.

Six cruise voyagesby Glory Sea from Diamond Cruise and Costa neoRomantica, which are estimated to carry 10,000 tourists throughout the year,have been confirmed by the Port Office and related departments to head for Okinawa, Nagasaki and Kagoshima in Japan respectively. Among them,three voyages made by Glory Sea on August 30th, September 2nd and September 6th, the first being the “Glory Sea 4–day Tour: Wenzhou- Okinawa-Wenzhou”on August 30th, will carry 3,900 tourists from Dongtou in Wenzhou to see the world at sea. In order to fully meet the public demand for cruise travel, after those three voyages, another three voyages to Koshita on December 20th, 25th and 29thof this year by Costa neoRomantica will be accessible to the public.

Last December, during the first trial operation of Wenzhou International Cruise Terminal,2,517 tourists took part in the voyage to Nagasaki, Japan. According to statistics after the event, 2285 of them are Wenzhouese, accounting for 90.8% of the tourists on the first voyage. Within a week after the news was released, more than 1,000 people signed up to take the cruise. This shows that citizens in Wenzhou were enthusiastic about the home port voyage, and nourished great concern and favor for it.

As early as in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Wenzhou was officially opened up as a foreign trade port. In the Southern Song Dynasty (1125-1279),it enjoyed a reputation as a prosperous coastal city comparable to Hangzhou.Ever since the construction of ShuomenPier, Wenzhouese have always cherished an oceanic complex. Today, Wenzhou Port has formally ushered in a new era after several ups and downs in the torrent of history – thanks to the formal completion of Wenzhou International Cruise Terminal, Wenzhou will formally step from “the Era of Ou River”into “the Era of East China Sea”, marching towards a broader times of marine economy.

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