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Wenzhou Tele-Video Notarial Liaison Station Officially Established in Paris
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Recently, Cheng Hongwei, Deputy Director of Wenzhou Bureau of Justice, led a delegation to Paris, France, and signed the Agreement on Cooperation in Overseas Tele-Video Notarial Service with Ren Limin, Chairman of the Association of Chinese Residents in France, which marked the official establishment of Wenzhou Tele-Video Notarial Liaison Station in Paris.

On May 5th of this year, Wenzhou Metropolis Daily published an article Fly All the Way from Europe to Wenzhou for Notarization? Outdated, which reported that Wenzhou East China Notarial Officesuccessfully completed the first case of tele-video notarization in China by using electronic signature technology on May 4th. “This is the formal establishment,” said relevant personnel at Wenzhou East China Notarial Office, “while we have been doing notarization, two or three cases a week on average.”

According to Mr. Ren, the Association of Chinese Residents in France and Wenzhou East China Notarial Office have been preparing for tele-video notarization since March this year. During the preparation, they encountered many difficulties, especially technical problems, among which the requirement of tele-video notarization on the network is particularly demanding.“ Tele-video notarization is now changing the way of obtaining evidence from the traditional ‘face-to-face’method to the tele-video one, so that we can handle all kinds of notarization through the tele-video system without returning to China, effectively saving overseas Wenzhouesethe trouble ofrunning affairs back home ,”said Ren Limin.“This symbolizes the extension of the “One-Stop Service” reform to foreign countries.”

Deputy Director Cheng Hongwei remarked that while the “One-Stop Service” reform proposed by Zhejiang Province brings convenience to the folks back home in matters like administrative approval and public services, the tele-video notarizationallows overseas Chinese to enjoy the convenience. Through the platform of the Internet and by means ofbig data, the overseas Wenzhou Tele-Video Notarial Liaison Stationis a practical blessing for overseas Chinese, saving their time and money spent on the notarization process with regards to property changes and confirmation, adjustment of marriage and family relations and other issues.

It is learned that people who need tele-video notarization can apply at Wenzhou East China Notarial Office at present. As for the overseas tele-video notarial service, both the liaison stations in Paris and in Johannesburg, South Africa can offer services. In addition, the liaison station inRome, Italy, which has been built, can be put into operation once the problem of unstable network connections is resolved by increasing bandwidth.

On the same day, employment letters were awarded to Ren Limin (Honorary Director of the Liaison Station in Paris), Lin Zhengyi (Director of the Liaison Station in Paris), Jin Linze and Cai Junzhu (Deputy Directors of the Liaison Station in Paris), as well as notary liaison officers and notary information officers.


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