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WMU Co-establishes Research Institutions with Australian Universities
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From July 29th to August 3rd,  Li Xiaokun,  President of Wenzhou Medical University (WMU), led a delegation to visit Monash University, Queensland University, Queensland University of Technology and their affiliated scientific research institutions in Australia. The delegation held in-depth talks and reached a series of cooperation intentions with the hosts on a wide range of issues including the establishment of a China-Australia joint research platform, the China-Australia cooperative educational programs, joint training programs for masters and doctors, and exchange of teachers and students. Relevant personnel from WMU’s Graduate School, Science and Technology Department, Office of International Exchange and Cooperation and the Second Affiliated Hospital are also part of the delegation. The trip indicates a big step forward in the internationalization of Wenzhou’s higher education, especially the education of medical personnel.

The delegation’s first stop was Monash University, one of the world’s top 100 universities and one of Australia’s largest national universities. Focusing on clinical medicine, teaching, scientific research, talents and other fields, the two sides have reached consensus on cooperation in jointly building the China-Australia Joint Biomedical Research Institute, the joint master’s degree and doctoral programs in biomedicine and public health, and the expansion of teacher-student exchanges. As agreed, the two sides will jointly develop a joint research institute with a focus on cancer research and cooperate in the fields of microbiology, infectious diseases, stem cells and reproductive medicine. In addition, WMU will promote its level of internationalization through the cooperative educational programs with Monash University.

During the visit of the University of Queensland, the delegation and the host signed a letter of intent on the joint building of the WMU-UQ Institute of Advanced Studies, the joint master’s degree and doctoral programs, and the joint building of Dr. Zhou Jian-Professor Ian Frazer Honor Laboratory. In addition, the two parties reached the intention of cooperation in an education program aiming at cultivating excellent undergraduate students and sponsoring international seminars. With WMU-UQ Institute of Advanced Studies as the platform for cooperation, WMU will forge close ties with Queensland Institute for Molecular Biosciences (IMB), UQ Diamantina Institute, Faculty of Medicine and Queensland Brain Research Institute (QBI) to focus on cooperation in the fields of data science and public health, cancer and immunotherapy, genomics and new sequencing technologies, functional genomics and model systems, stem cells and nanomedicine.

During the visit, the delegation also met with summer exchange students from WMU and witnessed the establishment of the WMU Australian Alumni Association with local WMU alumni. In the future, a series of events will be held for closer ties between excellent overseas alumni and their alma mater.


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