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4 More 3A Tourist Attractions in Wenzhou
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Recently, a list of four 3A tourist attractions was publicized for they had reached the requirements of Category 3A on China's national tourism scale. The four are Baizhang Fashion Sports Town and Yunlan Pasture Scenic Spot inTaishunCounty, Overseas Chinese Trade Township in Ruian City,andDong’ao Scenic Spot in Dongtou District.

Given this list, Taishun County has maintained its momentum in “all-for-one tourism construction” as two scenic spots listed.With an area of 3.75 square kilometers byLake Feiyun, Baizhang Fashion Sports Town features sports culture and tourism culture. In order to create a“National Leisure Center for Water Sports", Baizhang Town invested over 65 million yuanto launch 30 projects like the slow traffic system of painted boulevard around the lake, and host national sports events like National Youth Rowing Championships. Moreover, it will hold the CBSA American Billiard Open Championships in early August. The other tourist attraction, Yunlan Pasture Scenic Spot in Taishun County, on an 800-meter-high mountain, is a miniature of “Australian style mountain pasture" to experience farming and pastoral life and parent-child interaction. It consists of four parts: the cattle park, the large grassland, the pasture area and the fir forest. Since itsfirst-phase trial operation in November 2017, it has attracted over 100,000 tourists, with the maximal daily number of visitors being 5000.

In addition, Overseas Chinese Trade Township in Ruian is the only characteristic town in Zhejiang that highlights the theme of “Overseas Chinese”. In the next 3 to 5 years, it will receive nearly 10 billion yuan investment to build more than 20 projects like Pioneer Park for Overseas Chinese Businessmen, Village of Overseas Chinese Culture, Rui’an Xingji Cross-border E-commerce Business Center andLakeside Cloud Data Platform forLight Industry. The last tourist attraction of Dong’ao Scenic Spot in Dongtou, which includes such sights as The Rocks of Guanyin Lecturing the Lion, Red Stone Bay and Black Stone Bay, is the focus of the gold coast(from Banping Mountain to Dong’ao) that Dongtou plans to develop in future.


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