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4 Wenzhouese Companies Become China Top500 2018
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Recently, Fortune China published the list of China Top500 2018, in which the largest listed Chinese companies in the world were examined for their performance and achievements over the past year. It is learned that 4 among the 500 are listed companies actually controlled by Wenzhouese businessmen. .

As is known, the list of China Top500 2018 is compiled by Fortune China and the Wealth Management Department of CICC. For the 500 listed companies on the list this year, their total revenue reached 39.650 trillion yuan, up 18.22%, twice the increase rate of last year; their net profit reached 3. 480 trillion yuan, up 24.24%. In addition, their annual revenue threshold reached 13. 864 billion yuan, a rise of 22.44% over last year.

According to the data of the list, China’s listed companies are showing good momentum this year, with the top three still being Sinopec, PetroChina and China State Construction Engineering Corporation. Throughout the list, most of those best-performing companies are still state-owned enterprises and central enterprises in the field of petroleum, chemical and natural gas, infrastructure construction and bank insurance. However, private enterprises are also doing well, especially in the areas of Internet, retailing and electronic devices.

It is worth mentioning that a total of 4 companies controlled by Wenzhouese businessmen are listed on the list. Vipshop Holdings Limited comes first among the 4 companies, ranking 108th with the annual revenue of 72. 912 billion, up from 115th in last year. The second is Universal Scientific Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of ASE Group founded by Wenzhouese businessmen Zhang Qiansheng and Zhang Hongben. It has become a leader in the field of electronic components, ranking 3rd on the sub-list of Electronic Component and Electron Device Companies. The only local Wenzhou company on the list of China Top500 2018 is Zhejiang CHINT Co., Ltd., ranking 315th with a revenue of 23. 417 billion. Another Wenzhouese company on the list is Xin Hu Zhong Bao Co., Ltd.. Though it ranks 415th with a revenue of merely 17.499 billion, it has the best annual profit of 3.322 billion yuan among all the Wenzhouese companies on the list.


According to the standard of Fortune magazine, the list of China Top500 2018 measures Chinese companies listed on the US stock market, Hong Kong stock market and so on. Of all the Wenzhouese companies on the list, is listed in the United States, while Universal Scientific Industrial(Shanghai), CHINT, and Xin Hu Zhong Bao are all A-shares companies.

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