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Wenzhou Extends Its Overseas Chinese Service Abroad
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“Hello, this is the remote video room of Wenzhou East China Notarial Office." "Hello, this is Wenzhou Notarial Liaison Station in Paris.”At 3:37 p.m. Beijing Time, 9:37 a.m. Paris Time, July 5th, a remote video notarization across the sea was started as soon as the video signal was successfully connected.

In the remote video room of Wenzhou East China Notarial Office, two notaries and an operator, sitting squarely in front of a large screen, can see clearly through video Chen Xizhen, the client, and two notary liaison officers atWenzhou Notarial Liaison Station in Paris. Both of the two sides are staying respectively in a room of merely 20 square meters but isinstalled with 5 cameras which monitor each and every corner.

The 73-year-old Chen Xizhen has been settled down in Paris for 7 yearswhile her salary card has been kept by her sister Chen Leliu in China. However,both of them forgot the bank account password, and she needed to reset the password at the bank. To do so, she had to go to the bank in person or entrusted others with a notarizedpower of attorney. Thanks to theremote video, Chen Xizhen finishedthe notarizedpower of attorney in about 30 minutes, without which she would have had to spend more than a week and nearly ten thousand yuan on traveling back to China.

As a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, Wenzhou witnesses a growing demand for notarization, examination and approval related to overseas Chinese, and an increasing number of people who have the same worry as Chen Xizhen.

"At the end of last year, we set up the first overseasnotarial liaison station in Milan (Italy), followed by others in Paris (France), Rome (Italy), Johannesburg(South Africa) and so on. Through the remote video platform, evidence can be obtained by ‘face-to-face’ remote video rather than the traditional ‘face to face’way.” said relevant personnel at Wenzhou City Bureau of Justice. According to him, Wenzhou has handled 106 cases of notarization via remote video, extending the “One-Stop Service”reform to foreign countries.

On the same day, a remote video notarization is also under way at Wencheng Overseas Service Center.

After the death of her father last year, Ms Lin, an overseas Chinese in Italy, decided to give up her inheritance right to two real estates in Wencheng. At that time, she spent nearly a month and more than twenty thousand yuan to handle relevant notarization procedures back in China. In contrast, at 5 p.m., July 5th, her brother successfully finished the same procedures in just 13 minutes by “face-to-face” remote video at Wencheng Overseas Service Center Branch in Milan, Italy.

The remote video evidence-obtaining system of Wencheng Overseas Service Centerhas so far the functions of identity verification, electronic signature, online evidence obtention, voice recording and video recording, storage and record etc. The first 59 items of government service for overseas Wencheng people also go into operation, enabling overseas Chinese tohandle across the border businesses like overseas Chinese affairs, public security, judiciary and real estate registration so that they don’t bother to go back to their hometown.

At 8 p.m., offices at the 6thfloor of Wencheng Administrative Approval Service Center are still brightly lit. Since July 5th, Wencheng Overseas Service Centerhas changed its service mode ofaccepting cases in certain days a month, and adjusted its work time to 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in accordance with overseas work hour so as to ensure the regular work of all branches.


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