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Wencheng County Pioneers the Overseas Service Entity
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On July 5th, Wencheng Overseas Service Center and its branch in Milan, Italy were opened at the same time, which, in the view of Zhang Weiren, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, marked a breakthrough in the comprehensive reform of overseas Chinese services: the first overseas Chinese service center and its foreign branch entity were built, regularly providing a full range of government services for overseas Chinese and dedicated to setting an example for the cross-border public services and for the deepening of "One-Stop Service"reform.

Wencheng is a key overseas Chinese town, with overseas Chinese making up 60% of its registered population. Over the years, the county has led the country in launching projects like the system of special mediators from abroad, overseas digital courts, and the new mode of video notarization for overseas Chinese. However, nationally speaking, there are still bottlenecks in the comprehensive reform of overseas Chinese services, mainly the insufficient coverage of simple legal and police services and the inability of public services provided by overseas Chinese volunteers to meet the needs of overseas Chinese.

Hu Lishuai, Director of Wencheng Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, said that exploring the public services for overseas Chinese, especially the full coverage of government services, is the core measure for the county to crack the above bottlenecks. By connecting with its branch abroad, the Overseas Service Center can help overseas Chinese deal with businesses related to foreign affairs, public security, judiciary, real estate, civil affairs, education, social security and so on, which would otherwise have to be handled in theirhometown, so as to save them the trouble of going back to their hometown. The county also implements the joint meetingmechanism which unites organizations related to overseas Chinese affairs such as arbitration, notarization and commercial mediation, and makes clear the special procedures for handling overseas Chinese businesses. Meanwhile, it carries out such systems as“accepting the case before completing non-essential materials” and “legal entrustment”, which are included in the credit system of overseas Chinese. To be specific, in case of lacking non-essential materials, the case will be accepted before supplementing the materials. In case of entrusting the case to their relatives in China, the center will check the identity of overseas Chinese and the entrustment report through online video, record the conversation and video, ask their relatives in China to finish relevant procedures and wrap up the case after investigation and confirmation.

On top of that, the county will set up a column of overseas Chinese service on the mobile app of “Application Platform", and integrate the app into Zhejiang Government Service Network. Besides, it will cooperate withtelecom operators to develop the mobile app of "Overseas ChineseIPass", allowing overseas Chinese to connect Zhejiang Government Service Network by applying for Chinese mobile phone number and declare the data for all online procedures.

Wencheng Overseas Service Center and its overseas branch entity have also been put into normal operation, with the former established in Administrative Approval Service Center and the latter located in Wencheng Townsmen Association of Milan, Italy. In Wencheng Overseas Service Center, specially-assigned staff work in shift from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. in accordance with overseas work hour. And in the overseas branch, overseas Chinese are recruited through the way of government purchase service and work in cooperation with domestic staff. Moreover, special funds are set up for site rent, equipment maintenance and office.

At present, Wencheng has authorized 59 itemsof overseas Chinese servicesto the Overseas Service Center and its overseas branch, and plans to cover 695 major items and 1419 minor items at county level by the end of next year. As the next step, the county will gradually set up more overseas branches in other overseasChinese settlements to deepen the comprehensive reform of overseas Chinese services and further enhance the sense of gainfor overseas Chinese.


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