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Foreign Nationals Obtain China’s Green Cards in Wenzhou
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On the afternoon of June 25, three Wenzhouese with foreign nationality, who need to often stay in Wenzhou, obtainedChina’s Green Cards --- the People’s Republic ofChinaForeign Permanent Resident ID Cards (FPRIC). They are among the personnel with foreign nationality inChinawho have been approved for permanent residence inChinafor the first time since the China National Immigration Bureau was founded on April 2 this year.


In 2016, 42-year-old Wang Wei returned to Wenzhou from Australiato do foreign trade, and his children followed him back to study in their hometown. "With the FPRIC, it will be much easier for us to do things in Wenzhou", said Wang Wei. Without the card, every time he returned to Wenzhou, he needed to apply for a visa, and it took a certain amount of time to get the visa. In addition, the validity period of the visa was relatively short. It is really troublesome not to have a FPRIC”, Wang added.    


 “At the news that my application for the FPRIC is approved, I am really excited, and feel I’m in the arms of my motherland.” Chinese – French Hu Kezhe, born in Wencheng County, said that he had been working inFrancefor more than 30 years. It was to facilitate his work inFrancethat he emigrated there then. In recent years, he has invested in Wenzhou, and thus gone between Wenzhou and foreign countries frequently. He has once met a lot of troubles without a FPRIC. With this ID, it will be much more convenient for him to travel to and from Wenzhou in future. He said that he filed the application in Jan. this year, and it is out of his expectation that he can get the FPRIC so soon.

Chinese-Australian Wang Zhende is a Wenzhouese son-in-law. He said that the FPRIC inspired him to constantly make contribution to Wenzhou.

" A FPRIC, with its appearance similar to the domestic ID card, functions as the latter. It brings convenience to foreigners in their handling affairs in finance, education, medical treatment, transportation, communications, social insurance, etc.", said Ms. Chen Mi, Deputy Head of the Foreigner Administration Brigade of the Wenzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit and Entry Administration Department. Persons with foreign nationality, who are in compliance with the related regulations, and wish to beChina’s permanent residents, can file application to the Exit and Entry Administration Department. 


It is learned that since August 2004, a total of 46 foreign nationals have become China’s permanent residents in Wenzhou, among which are introduced talents included in the national “Thousand-Talent Scheme”, outstanding entrepreneurs in key industries, high-end management personnel in some professional fields, and  returned overseas Chinese. "They have played an active role in promoting the city's economic development, foreign exchanges and local construction. We will broaden related application channels, simplify application procedures to help attract more foreign high-end talents to Wenzhou”, said Chen Mi.


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