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Wenzhou Releases New Talent Policies and Recruits Talents Abroad
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After releasing a circular of Talent Recruitment Policies (40 Articles), Wenzhou City authorities sent a team to the western countries a few days ago to recruit foreign and overseas Chinese talents, which is a big move to implement the policies. The move drew heightened attention of high-end talents from top universities in European countries such as theUK,Germany, andItaly, and sparked overseas Chinese talents’ aspiration for innovation and entrepreneurship in their hometown.

The recruitment move was hosted by the CPC Wenzhou Municipal Committee Organization Department, and the Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and co-organized by the Lucheng District and Ouhai District governments, and Wenzhou High and New Technology Development Zone as well as over 20 organizations, including Wenzhou University, Wenzhou Zhongjin Advanced Technology Research Institute, and Zhejiang Jingcheng Environmental Protection Sci-tech Co., Ltd.  They sent a team, who carried a talent and project requirement plan with them, to the foreign countries.

In a few days, in London, Milan, Turin, and Frankfurt, the talent recruitment event attracted more than 200 overseas Chinese students and foreign experts, and reached 56 intentioned cooperation agreements. It is expected that 18 talents and projects will be introduced. The recruiting team also went to the European Design Institute, and signed a memo of strategic cooperation with it. At the end of this month, the European Design Institute will be making a detailed discussion in Wenzhou on cooperation in the future. The discussion will cover the pilot teaching of the curriculums to be jointly established, such as industrial design, apparel design, and leather shoe design, at Wenzhou University, and Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College; the design of class projects adapted to creation designers, and the faculty and staff of higher education institutions in Zhejiang and Wenzhou; the selection of outstanding young Chinese design talents for exchanges with and learning in western countries.

 “The recruiting team, led by the Director of the CPC Wenzhou Municipal Committee Organization Department, focused on publicizing Wenzhou’s talent recruitment policies. By this trip, needed talents and projects are gained, the latest trends of international talent recruitment learned, and furthermore, Wenzhou’s sincerity in recruiting talents is made known to the world, one example of which is as follows: “At a talent recruitment fair, we met a top expert who had worked at a British scientific research institute for over ten years. The head of the recruiting team, realizing he is a rare talent, proactively served as a “matchmaker” between Wenzhou Medical University and him. He made a long distance call to the university, helping him talk with and finally reach an intended cooperation agreement with the school on the phone. After the event, the expert praised the head several times for his “matchmaking”. The story was told by the Director of the CPC Wenzhou Municipal Committee Talent Office.

The recruiting action is also a good opportunity to publicize Wenzhou's industry features, and its favorable talent ecological environment, said the person in charge of the Wenzhou Municipal Foreign Experts Bureau. The action can help absorb and reserve a batch of high-end talents and projects for Wenzhou’s transformation and development. In the busy itinerary, the recruiting team established the Cambridge Station for Wenzhou Overseas Talent Recruitment, and had an in-depth discussion with the Turin Municipal Government,Italyon the pilot exchanges between Chinese and Italian talents.

Wenzhou has made great efforts to create a favorable environment for introducing and employing talents, which facilitates its overseas talent recruitment. The circular of Wenzhou Talent Recruitment Policies issued in May this year, with comparative advantages and local features, is highly valuable to foreign talents, which received the most concern as the highlight of the recruitment in Europe. In addition, Wenzhou’s talent introduction package programs, first appearing in the country, add to its attraction to foreign talents. Among the programs are the construction of talent platforms, including the Wenzhou Industrial Park under Zhejiang Province’s “Thousand-Talent Scheme”, the “New Driver-developing Engineers Introduction Plan”, and the optimization of local talent biological environment with the raised government work efficiency. In the past five years, Wenzhou’s governments have showed great concern for the introduced overseas talents, and given full play to their initiatives. In the same period, the talents, in cooperation with local enterprises, have helped them solve more than 1,000 key technical problems, creating direct economic benefits up to over RMB 100 billion; the talents have established more than 150 companies in Wenzhou, with a total investment of RMB over 4 billion, becoming a new force of innovation and entrepreneurship in Wenzhou.

 “Wenzhou’s talent policies are appealing. It is hoped that we can use overseas talent platforms to learn more about Wenzhou and local companies...”, said a foreign talent. This recruiting action has caused a positive response from foreign talents and local companies. Next, Wenzhou will establish an online platform for enterprises’ needed talents to facilitate the in-depth communication between talents and enterprises, and talents’ visit to as well as related project establishment in Wenzhou.


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