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Over 10 Innovation Complexes to Be Built in Wenzhou
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In order to speed up Wenzhou’s traditional industries transformation and upgrading, foster emerging industries, and promote the replacement of old growth drivers, the  Implementation Measures for Constructing Wenzhou Industrial Innovation Service Complexes (IISC) was released a few days age. The Measures serve as a “roadmap” for the city's layout and construction of IISCes, according to which Wenzhou will plan to build over 10 IISCs this year.

The IISC is a new type of carrier that focuses on upgrading traditional growth drivers and fostering new growth ones, aggregates all kinds of innovation resources to provide small and medium enterprises with all-round services for technical, business and marketing mode innovation. The complexes will play a significant role in eliminating the weakness of industrial public services, improving industrial innovation ecology, advancing mass economy transformation and upgrading, and building innovative industry clusters. The IISCes serve as a crucial means for constructing a national independent innovation demonstration zone in Wenzhou. 

According to the Implementation Measures, Wenzhou’s IISCes will be constructed according to the principles of government guidance, market orientation, innovation and development, and innovative element agglomeration. With leading industries and strategic emerging industries as serving priority, to meet the established requirements for “building one complex for one industry,” the IISC to be built will offer services for research and development, creative design, inspection and testing, IPR protection, standards and information , sci-tech achievements transformation, business incubators, international cooperation, financing assurance, exhibitions, education and training.

“Recommendations on key areas for the deployment of the innovation complexes will be made according to Wenzhou’s four major industrial categories such as key traditional industries and emerging industries, and to more than 30 key fields, revealed an official from the Wenzhou Municipal Sci-tech Bureau. The IISC construction will be starting this year. Wenzhou’s each county (county-level city or district), and industry cluster will plan its own construction based on local industry features and resources. Its IISC construction will be coordinated by the municipal government if the construction is related to the same industries at the municipal level. A list of proposal for the layout of the city's major Industry Innovation Service Complexes will be issued along with the Implementation Measures.

According to reports, the construction of the innovation complexes will focus on the following four respects: According to the industrial aggregation degree and its development, it is required to speed up the construction of facilities with the necessary equipment basically completed, and of their inside functions so as to meet the needs of one-stop service; it is required to expand the IISCes’ service to meet the common needs of the industrial transformation and upgrading, and of small, medium and micro enterprises; it is required to gather the industry innovative elements by strengthening the cooperation between governments, industries, educational institutions, research institutes, investors and intermediaries to build an innovation ecosystem so that a collaborative innovation mechanism, featuring joint development, complementary advantages, and achievements and risk sharing, is gradually formed; it is required to foster a batch of professional leading service institutions with a sound operation mechanism by means of offering them combined market-based services and policy support, or purchasing service in the principle of government fostering the industry service institutions which in turn serve enterprises,  

According to the Implementation Measures, by 2022, the construction of the IISCes for Wenzhou’s key traditional industries, emerging industries, modern service industries, and especially for featured agriculture, will be basically completed, and efforts will be made to include some 10 of the complexes into the provincial plan for building and fostering IISCes to basically realize regional complexes coverage, and to significantly strengthen industrial innovation and innovative service capacity.

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