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Italian Delegation Visits Wenzhou
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“I am amazed by Wenzhou’s clothes and it rivals Milan, ”said Ariana Maria Censi,Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Milan,during her visit in Wenzhou. She speaks highly of local fashion industry and hopes for a deeper cooperation between two cities.

With a view to enhancing two sides’ cooperation in fashion industry, culture and tourism, a 12-member delegation headed by Deputy Mayor of Milan was sent to visit Wenzhou. This visit includes Wenzhou University, Wenzhou Medical University and a company named Sharmoon, making it a good foundation for future cooperation between two sides.

The Metropolitan City of Milan, with city of Milan as its capital, also includes other 133 municipalities. Its combined GDP accounts for 25% of Italy’s total. As the world’s fashion and design capital,Italy’s second largest city holds routine fashion show week, a barometer of world’s fashion industry. It has a good relationship with Wenzhou, which can date back to 2002 when Wenzhou forged sister city relationship with Prato. Later, Wenzhou established its friendly relationship with Naples in 2009.

“This suit combines Italy’s design with China’s quality and this is fantastic,” said Ariana Maria Censi during her visit in Sharmoon. Actually, high on the agenda during her visit to Wenzhou is to establish a joint fashion design school or routine interactive activities as two cities seek to build brand awareness in each other.

Immersed in picturesque scenery along the road from Ouhaiavenue to downtown, Deputy Mayor Censi said that two city governments should have further cooperation in infrastructure construction and environmental protection.

This trip is also expected to boost cultural exchanges between two cities. The Italian delegation hopes to establish aOuyueculture base in ways that Wenzhou’s second generation immigrants to Italy know more about Wenzhou.

This is highly recognized by Wenzhou. Wenzhou Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Film, Press and Publication are planning to establish a Wenzhou City Study in Prato, a platform to publicize Ouyue Culture overseas. To date, Wenzhou University has established Italy Campus Arezzo branch in collaboration with University of Siena and Prato Branch with University of Florence. All this will enhance cultural exchanges between Wenzhou and Italy.

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