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Wenzhou is an education hub in Zhejiang Province. At the end of 2018, there were 562 primary schools, which had 628.6 thousand primary students and enrolled 112 thousand new students. The enrollment rate for primary students was 100%. The per capita school area for primary students were 7.75 square meters. There were 339 junior high schools, which had 272 thousand junior high school students and enrolled 92 thousand freshmen. The per capita building area for junior high school students were 17.95 square meters. There were 37 vocational schools, which had 28.7 thousand students and enrolled 80.8 thousand freshmen. There were 104 senior high schools which had 117.3 thousand students and 40.3 thousand graduates, and enrolled 39.1 thousand freshmen. There were 11 universities (two private colleges excluded), which had 93.6 thousand students. There were 58.4 thousand full-time primary and junior high school teachers, an increase of 1.9% over the previous year. There were 4.7 thousand full-time vocational school teachers (skill workers’ school excluded). There were 1,423 kindergarten, which had 302 thousand children. In 2018, Lucheng, Rui’an, Wencheng districts passed the assessment for Basic Modernized Education County and District. Also, Wenzhou has completed the system reform of urban senior high schools, and its key university enrollment rate has reached a record high. Wenzhou Kean University has been rewarded as the Provincial High-level International University.

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