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Wenzhou Launches Hotline for Foreigners
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On April 9,“Hi, I just wanna know where I can find a bookstore in Wenzhou?”a foreigner from Syria asked over the phone at 10:30 am. This is the very first call to the hotline after it was set up for foreigners in Wenzhou. Mr. Xu Penghuai, the initiator of the hotline, said that foreigners in Wenzhou can dial 4008678110 for working and living services such as travelling, culture as well as local law and regulations. With bilingual services, the hotline contributes to an enabling environment for local business community and a more open and smart city.

Mr. Xu Penghuai is one of 10 model people conferred with “Touching Wenzhou”Award for his efforts to publicize Wenzhou overseas. “Over the years, I have done a large number of business trips to Europe . What I have learnt from my working experiences in Europe is that internationally-focused Wenzhou needs an enabling and open environment where foreigners can live in comfort,”saidXu in October last year when he was starting to initiate the hotline service. Several factors seem to be at play and lack of bilingual service in Wenzhou is part of story. As an increasing number of foreigners havecome to Wenzhou for study or work, they find it difficult to fit in due to their different cultural backgrounds and languages. They deserve better services as they contribute to the development of local community.

“Recently, a portfolio of bilingual service platforms such as website, Wechat public accounts,, APP and English video clips will offer convenience to foreigners in Wenzhou,”Mr. Xu said. Thanks to concerted efforts of the CPPCCLucheng District Branch,the Wenzhou Municipal People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (WMPAFFC), and the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government and Lucheng District Division of Exit and Entry Administration of Wenzhou Public Security Bureau, a comprehensive service platform has been successfully launched. As a part of this platform, the hotline is projected to become a caring“secretary”for every foreigner in Wenzhou.

“To make foreigners familiar with the hotline service, we designed  leaflets and gave out to foreigners,”said Ye Huayu, person in charge of Lucheng District Division of Exit and Entry Administration of Wenzhou Public Security Bureau, hoping that the hotline will become a model project in Zhejiang Province and China at large.

“It facilitates local business environment and demonstrates Wenzhou’s determination to become an international city,”said Sui Huijie, Director of WMPAFFC, adding that we need to sustain our efforts to better serve foreigners in Wenzhou. By doing so, foreigners can be more familiar with Wenzhou, fit into local culture and love Wenzhou.

Bilingual Hotline Number:4008678110

Hotline Time:8:30 AM- 6:00 PM

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