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Li Changjiang, Chairman of the Board of Wenzhou Municipal Transportation Group,to Answer Local Citizens’ Calls new
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Wenzhou plans for 552 “large-scale construction and beautification” projects this year
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Recently, the Office of Leadership for“Large-scale Construction and Beautification” issued two notices, i.e.,on the issuance of ”task list for ‘ two riversides and three areas’ in 2018 and on the issuance of “task list for district-level key areas of ‘large-scale construction and beautification’in 2018”.

This year, Wenzhou plans for 552 “large-scale construction and beautification” projects, including 234 to be started, 168 to be completed(among which 60 will be started and finished), 115 to be  continued, and 95for preliminary research, with a total investment of about 371. 286 billion yuan and an annual investment of about 63.33 billion yuan. Meanwhile,309 projects in the “two riversides and three areas”region, with a total investment of 227.739 billion yuan and an annual investment of about 42.219 billion yuan, accountfor more than half of the “large-scale construction and beautification” projects both in number and in value.

Projects in the “two riversides and three areas”region have started or completed in succession

Regions on both sides along the Oujiang River: this year, regions along the Oujiang River are dedicated to building “the Bund" in Wenzhou by starting and finishing the project to upgrade the road and landscape of Oujiang Road, completing the night lighting project forthe core area on both sides along the Oujiang River, launching the project to renovate and enhance the landscape of Jiangxin Islet and the project to improve and transform the embankment along Oujiang Road. In addition, regions along the Oujiang River will comprehensively improvethe road of Binjiang Road, and a citizen center and a home for all Wenzhouese in the world will be built.

Regions on both sides along the Tanghe River: regions along the Tanghe River will connectand refine a number of greenways along Lvpu River, Hengdu River and so on, dredge multiple rivers like Hulongqiao River and ShuangjingtouRiver, start or continue the resettlement housing construction for renovating villages in the city along Tanghe River such as Shuangqiao Village in Guanghua Residential District and Tangxi Village in Wutian Residential District, initiate the project for improving the core scenic spot of Nantang and start several housing projects in Guihu Road neighbourhood.

The historical and cultural blocks:The historical and cultural blocks  will further reform and improve the Five Horses Business Cluster by renovating the Wuma (Five Horses) Street and Chan Street, and protecting and activating time-honored brands like Lao Xiang Shan. Early levy will be done in two historical and cultural blocks, Qing Nian Lane, and Mo Chi Lane&Hua Gai Li Street.

Central green axis: The central green axis will extend northward and southward, with the northward project focusing on ameliorating Shang Dou Men Riverside Park and tree-planting alongside Shang Dou Men River, and extending several roads within the range of the green axis, for example, Fu Dong Road will be extended northward and Dong Yang Road eastward. Meanwhile, the translocation and reconstruction project for 220-kilovolt substation in Shang Tian will still be under way.

San Yang Wetland:with the goal of opening the park by the National Day Holiday, San Yang Wetland aims to finish the construction of multiple tourist attractions like Nan Xian Di Road, Wu Fu Yuan Banyan Garden and Dong’an Yang Garden, start and complete several ecological construction projects in the west section of the first-phase Main Ring and the west section of northern area. Besides, the project of urban ecological leisure area and the first-phase ecological reconstruction project in the conservation area will be put into operation in order to facilitate the construction of the wetland park.

The Central Green Axis Primary School will be constructed and begin enrolment this year

This year, LuchengDistrict will start the road-widening project for the second-phase Wen Rui Avenue (Lucheng section), build a number of new-type communities likeNiu Qiao Di and De Zheng communities, accomplish the construction of several roads for S1 metro-line, and buildtheCentral Green Axis Primary School which will recruit students this year.

Longwan District will launch a series of affordable housing projects, fulfill the comprehensive renovation of Airport Avenue, finish several projects like eastward extension project for Wenzhou Avenue (section from Wenqiang Road to Longjiang Road), road project for North Huanshan Road (Longwan section) and Yaoxi Hospital of Stomatology( Wenzhou Medical University).

OuhaiDistrict will launch the expansion project for Wenzhou Business College and complete the construction of Science and Technology Building of Wenzhou University in the Higher Education Park; initiate the resettlement housing projects for such villages in the city along Tanghe River as Tangdong Village and Liaodong Village; and finish the reconstruction of Xishan Road and continued construction of South Guanghua Road (section from middle Jingshan Road to South Ring) in Jingshan Xinqiao area.

South Zhejiang Industry Cluster Districtwill start Jinhai No. 1Primary School in Jinhai Lake core area, continue to build a number of municipal roads, upgradethe landscape of Jinhai Lake Park (first phase) and finish the night lighting for Overseas High-level Talents Innovation Park.

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