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Wenzhou Releases New Policies for Intelligent Manufacturing
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In recent years, Wenzhou has firmly implemented No. 1 project of the digital economy”, guiding local industrial enterprises to focus on intelligent manufacturing (IM), accelerating the upgrading of products, promoting the intelligent transformation of manufacturing cells and production lines, creating digital workshops and intelligent factories so as to advance the high quality development of “Wenzhou manufacturing”. It is reported that there are currently 4 national-level projects for new model of IM, and 3 national-level IM pilot and demonstration projects in Wenzhou.


This year, Wenzhou has issued a document of the Implementation Opinions on fostering the Introduction of Emerging Industries, Transforming and Upgrading Traditional Industries to Accelerate Wenzhou’s Development of New Growth Drivers (Tentative). According to the document, in addition to rewarding handsomely the local national- and provincial-level IM pilot and demonstration projects (including “digital workshops” and “intelligent factories”), no more than 20 intelligent transformation demonstration projects will be granted an award equal to 20% of their investment amount in intelligent equipment and software (with the highest award being RMB 5 million). On the other hand, no more than 10 total integration and general contracting projects, including those of IM, will be given an award equal to 20% of the related contract amount (with the highest not exceeding RMB 1 million). Besides, if local software and information service companies, and IM engineering service companies each have an annually-increasing local comprehensive contribution degree up to more than RMB 500,000, they each will be given a bonus equal to 50% of the contribution degree (with the highest not exceeding RMB 1 million).


In order to enhance the competitiveness of "Wenzhou Manufacturing", the local municipal government is guiding enterprises to establish evaluation standards on IM. According to one of the leaders of the Wenzhou Municipal Economic and Information Committee (WMEIC), based on the white papers of Intelligent Manufacturing Capabilities Maturity Model and Intelligent Manufacturing Capabilities Maturity Assessment Method formulated by the China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute, Wenzhou has established IM evaluation standards for the six key industries of electricity, shoes and leather, clothing, auto fittings, pumps and valves, and special equipment manufacturing, and has begun to set up an IM evaluation service platform. Meanwhile, the government will offer consultation, diagnosis and evaluation services at different levels to their selected over 1000 industrial enterprises above the designated size and sci-tech-oriented SMEs that are within the key industries, have strong technological innovation capabilities, and an aspiration for intelligent transformation. The evaluation results will be used as basis for enterprise development capabilities assessment, resource allocation, and policy support.

A service system will be built to support IM. Specifically, with the Wenzhou Research IM Institute as the principal platform, and the Yueqing Intelligent Equipment and Manufacturing Research Institute, and the Wenzhou University Laser and Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute as the secondary ones, cooperation with the China Electronic Technology Standardization Research Institute, and Zhejiang University will be strengthened to build an innovation service system serving IM across the city. Besides, the Wenzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Evaluation and Diagnosis Center will be set up to provide comprehensive services, such as related consultation, diagnosis and R&D, to enterprises. 


The government will mobilize experts to prepare research reports on industrial robot application, and IM status and demand in Wenzhou’s key industries, actively make demand-oriented introduction of companies serving robot application in industries and information engineering, and strengthen its support to related batch diagnosis, consultation, demonstration project construction, business promotion so that solutions to robotic application and IM can be provided to different industries.


The leader of the WMEIC said that Wenzhou has held the city's Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Robot Exhibitions in October for four consecutive years. Assisted by the Wenzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, the city held the IM Forum in Chashan every year, (where local higher education institutions are aggregated). In addition, training courses, seminars, promotion events, and on-site meetings in different industries have been conducted, and enterprises organized to visit and study IM pilot and demonstration projects to popularize and promote the application of IM technologies. Furthermore, the city has publicized IM success stories, and begun to set up the Enterprise Intelligent Transformation and Innovation Alliance. With the above efforts, there are 1000 enterprises in Wenzhou successfully implementing Intelligent transformation projects every year.

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