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Efforts to Build a World-Class Electrical IndustryCluster in Wenzhou
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In CHNT’s digital workshop of the AC contactor in Wenzhou, workers are no longer seen guarding the assembly lines. The 11 procedures, ranging from the first assembly to the final packaging, have alreadybeen performed by automation equipments, with one electronic display for one corresponding procedure showing the current procedure dynamics and multiple indicators like production capacity, qualification rate and so on. The workers there,few in number, are handling the equipment and dealing with possible emergencies rather thancarrying out the assembly.

According to relevant personnel from CHNT, the production line, which was put into operation in 2016, is still improving, gradually changing from “seldom-manned operation” to “unmanned operation”. As the leader of the electrical industry in Yueqing, Wenzhou, CHNT is also at the forefront of "intelligent" production in the whole country. It shows the development direction of Wenzhou's 100 billion-level industry cluster, and also serves as a sample of transformation and upgradingfor the traditional manufacturing.

Wenzhou, the country's largest low-voltage electrical industry base by now and accounting for 60% of the national market share, has formed the right to speak in the industry, leading the formulation of 226 national standards and industry standards, and 1 international standard. Through continuous technological transformation, Wenzhou’selectricalindustry is also marching intothe field of high-voltage electrical appliances and complete sets of electricalequipment. Thedevelopment of the“high-end, intelligent, informational and branded” industry cluster will make it possible for Wenzhou's electrical industry to become a world-class advanced electrical industry cluster.

Leading companies in intelligent manufacturing make breakthroughs in the fully automated production of low-voltage electrical appliances

Since 2015, CHNT has invested more than 200 million yuan in breaking the bottleneck of production line automation. After three years’ efforts, it finally succeeded in the full-process automatic production of small circuit breakers and AC contactors, with a digital workshopof small circuit breaker and a digital workshop of AC contactor built and put into operation. The project of the two digital workshops is one of the 94 projects to apply new modes of intelligent manufacturing announced by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China in 2015.

To date, no more than 100 workers are required for the entire assembly line in the digital workshop of the AC contactor, and they will open the glass covers outside the equipment to manually intervene only when needed. To finish the same production task, the number of workers was at least 4 times that of the present. With the further optimization of each equipment unit in the later stage, the number of workers will continue to decrease.

However, the difficulty of developing such automated equipmentabounds in many small steps.

One example is the procedure of loading four contacts and four springs into a small main part space in the AC contactor assembly. The spring should be compressed to a suitable length in order to be embedded and it should noteject when the robot-arm leaves. To achieve the current qualified rate, the robot-arms developed by CHNT imitating human hands have undergone rounds of precision debugging. When this procedure ends, the quality monitoring device is set up to automatically intercept the unassembled products for rework, with the data synchronized to the management and control system in real time.

Another procedure is to break through the constraints of custom containers. Since there are many varieties and specifications of electrical products, when using small robot-arms for handling, it is common practice to equip each component with a specific container to ensure accurate pickup. In order to enhance the production efficiency by using universal containers, engineers at CHNT improved the robot-arms so that the robot-arms have the function of automatic alignment, thereby breaking the limit of using dedicated revolving devices and greatly reducing the cost of the equipment.

In addition to CHNT, DELIXI Group is also leading the way in terms of intelligent manufacturing. After it began to deploy intelligent manufacturing in 2012, it has owned more than 3,000 sets of automatic and semi-automatic production equipment, with CNC equipment accounting for 45%. One of its factories boasts an industrial robot density of 80 units per thousand people and an overall automation rate of over 50%, with the automation rate of some production line reaching 90%, well ahead of the global level of the electrical industry. This factor,as a result,increased the productivity of the automation projects by 68%, saving labor costs of approximately 600 people.

“The intelligent workshop has obvious advantages in production efficiency, quality control, and production environment, so I believe it will be the future direction of this industry.” said related personnel from CHNT.

Enterprises upgrade their internal management capabilities by way of informatization

Informatization and industrialization are two pillars for the modern transformation and upgrading of manufacturing. Against the backdrop of the automation of production equipment, the old management method of the electrical industry in Wenzhou is also experiencing qualitative changes through informatization from human management to data management.

In April this year, Wenzhou issued the Implementation Plan for the  Transformation and Upgrading of Electrical Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing (2018 ~ 2020) (hereinafter referred to as Implementation Plan) , which demanded to deepen the application of Internet, big data and artificial intelligence in enterprises, and proposed the plan of “Cloud-Based Wenzhou”: fostering a number of industry cloud platforms, industrial big data platforms, and industrial IoT infrastructure platforms,adding 15,000 cloud-based enterprises and 10 cloud-basedmodel enterprises.

CHNT 'sintelligent workshop is a typical case in line with the Implementation Plan. On the one hand, the automated and intelligent equipment on the production line reduces the dependence on assembly workers. On the other hand, all the workshop management is fed back in real time in the form of data to the background control and management system, enabling managers to be fully informed ofthe details of the production and the corresponding personnel without going to the workshop in person.What can be completed through data collection and attribution analysis includesthe production capacity of each procedure of product line, the per capita production capacity, how to balance the progress of each procedure to achieve the best overall efficiency, the product qualified rate, the problematicsteps and relevant improvement.

Another case is ANDELI Group, who introduced three corporate consulting management companies to provide new ideas in the past two years, and borrowed the new European management model this year, such as the “system of factory accountability”, with a view toimproving the delivery of customer orders. This year, ANDELI also invested more than 1 million yuan to reach strategic cooperation of desktop cloud with China Mobile. As long as the desktop cloud machine and the cloud terminal are used, the rapid delivery of the cloud platform can be realized, which greatly cuts down enterprises’ cost of IT operation and maintenance, implements the centralized storage and therefore avoids the catastrophic loss of the computer data.

Zheng Yuanbao, Chairman of Wenzhou Electrical Industry Association and Chairman of the Board of Directors of People Electric Appliance Group, believes that the reform of the enterprise system is the only way for the electrical industry in Yueqing, Wenzhou in the current environment. “New ideas are needed in the new era ".  Only its internal management is straightened out can an enterprise calmly cope with changes in the external environment. For People Electric Appliance, institutional reform is a priority of its three-year plan.Management,especially channel management, will be refined and specialized from the perspective of internal organizational structure, incentive mechanism and management system informatization. Teams will be re-formed for different product markets to optimize the talent of professionals.

The total output of electrical industry is expected to surpass 150 billion this year after industrial agglomeration and upgrading under policy incentives

According to the data provided by Wenzhou Electrical Industry Association, the total output value of Wenzhou’selectrical industry last year was nearly 140 billion yuan, of which the output value of enterprises above designated size was 101 billion yuan, up 8.7% year-on-year; the export delivery value of electrical industry products reached about 11.2 billion yuan, up 10% year-on-year. In the first three quarters of this year, the total output value of enterprises above designated size in the electrical industry was about 73 billion yuan, an increase of 8.5% year-on-year, heralding a total output value of 150 billion yuan this year.

For Wenzhou, China's electricalcapital, its dream in the new era is to build a world-class industry cluster of electrical manufacturing. The Implementation Plan in April put forward requirements and defined the directions in terms of innovation drive, intelligent manufacturing, brand standards, enterprise cultivation, platform construction, rectification and elimination, and international cooperation etc. Taking the cultivation of enterprises as an example, the Implementation Plan proposed to deepen the overall evaluation of enterprises from the aspect of “tax per mu”, further enforce the price differentiation policies for resource elements such as land use, water use, electricity use, and emission rights, and comprehensively rectify low-and-small enterprises with a tax per mu of less than 10,000 yuan in order to make room for new momentum.Besides, the Implementation Plan also proposed to guide enterprises to adopt modern enterprise system and speed up their listing process, and to add 100 limited companies, 10 companies quoted on the New OTC Market, 15 newly listed companies, and 4 billion yuan of mergers and acquisitions. Up to now, among the more than 11,900 electricalenterprises in Wenzhou, more than 630 are enterprises above designated size, 4 are the Top 500 Enterprises of China, and 7 are listed companies.

With the rise of the town-level economy, towns have become a new source of momentum for the intelligentelectrical industry in Wenzhou. In August 2017, the Intelligent Electrical Town in Yueqing was successfully listed among the third group of provincial-level characteristic towns.

Covering a total planned area of about 3.3 square kilometers, the Intelligent Electrical Town in Yueqing is planned to be divided into five centers, namely, Intelligent Manufacturing Center for Intelligent Electrical Enterprises, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center for Intelligent Electrical Enterprises, Sales and Exhibition Center for Intelligent Electrical Enterprises, Intelligent Electrical Culture and Leisure Center, and IntelligentElectrical Headquarters and Economic Center. At present, the town has introduced 16 projects in the intelligentelectrical industry with a total investment of 4.9 billion yuan.


"Now is the spring for Wenzhou's electrical industry," said Zheng Yuanbao, "The electrical industry cluster in Yueqing, Wenzhou is unprecedented in scale in the world. After the successful supply-side reform and transformation and upgrading, we are confident to make it a world-class industry cluster."


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