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Foreign and Wenzhou’s Shoe Quality Comparison Results Released
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Recently, a quality comparison has been made between the leather shoes made by Wenzhou’s major shoemakers, kangnai, Aokang and Red Dragonfly, and those under famous brands of Danish Ecco and British Clarks. On October 30, the comparison results were released, which shows that Wenzhou’s leather shoes are competitive in some aspects.

The comparison was directed by the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Administration, and jointly held by Zhejiang Brand Construction Association, Zhejiang Leather Industry Association, Wenzhou Quality and Technology Supervision and Inspection Institute (WQTSII), Wenzhou Shoe and Leather Industry Association, and British Standards Institution (BSI). The comparison making is comprehensive, both in quality and quality control, with the whole shoe-making Industry level, related standard parameters, and enterprise management capabilities, which affect the product quality, taken into consideration besides quality itself.

It is reported that the leather shoes for comparison are purchased from the market by a leather shoe quality evaluation agency, and the comparison is conducted by the agency for five foreign and Wenzhou’s products by testing in accordance with the Manufacturing Standard for Leather Shoes with Natural Leather Uppers in Zhejiang Province. The testing results show that all the five products are in compliance with the Standard, and of good quality.

In addition, the five shoes are tested on the five items of moisture absorption and moisture permeability, anti-slip property, foot fit property, hexavalent chromium in leather and fur, and the total amount of heavy metals, which can embody the safety and comfort of the shoes. The comparative results indicate that in hexavalent chromium in leather and fur, and the total amount of heavy metals, all of the five products are within the related limits of the Standard, and in moisture absorption and moisture permeability, and anti-slip performance, the two foreign products are slightly superior to the three ones made in this province.

The foot fit property is first used as a test item for the leather shoe quality comparison to judge the comfort and fit of the leather shoes by persons’ intuitive feeling of wearing the shoes. The wear trial proves that all the five shoes have a good foot fit property but the overall experience of the two foreign products is slightly better than the three ones made in the province.

In terms of enterprises’ comprehensive management, the evaluation results manifest that the “Made-in-Zhejiang” certification companies are relatively mature, and their capabilities appear to be higher than those of world-advanced enterprises on the average, especially in independent innovation, industrial synergy, quality and integrity, and advanced production technology

A person in charge of the WQTSII said that the comprehensive quality comparison is an innovative measure for promoting Wenzhou’s product brand construction. It is meaningful to the upgrading and development of Wenzhou’s leather shoe enterprises to attach great importance to consumers’ product experience in their making products.   

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