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Li Changjiang, Chairman of the Board of Wenzhou Municipal Transportation Group,to Answer Local Citizens’ Calls new
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Headquarters of 25 Wenzhouese Enterprises Return to Wenzhou
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Recently, Wenzhou’s banking sectorlaunched an initiative of not blindly withdrawing loans from and reducing loans to private enterprises in order to reduce their financing cost. This initiative, together with other financial measures from the government and enterprises supportive of the development of private enterprises, receivesthumbs-upfrom local entrepreneurs.Yan Limiao, Chairman of the Yilian Holding Group, a company that just signed theagreement to return its regional headquarters to Wenzhou, said, “Wenzhou’s frequent measures to promote the development of private enterprises make us satisfied and reassured. ”

During the recently-concluded World Wenzhouese Conference 2018, 25 Wenzhouese enterprises, Yilian Holding Group included, collectively signed agreements to return theirheadquarters to Wenzhou. They will finish their registration, with atotal registered capital of nearly 2.5 billion yuan, by the end of this year, which will yield an annual tax revenue of 1.28 billion yuan and accelerate the interaction and integration of the Wenzhouese economy and Wenzhou economy.

The return of leading Wenzhouese enterprisesembodies Wenzhou’s efforts to carry out the campaign ofimprovingbusiness environment in the whole city via creatingpioneer districts of “the two healthy” (the healthy development of the non-public economy and the healthy growth of individuals in the non-public economy)in the new era. This campaign is aimed to offerenterprisesimmediateservices they need and attract large and powerful ones.

Wenzhou has drawn up the Work Scheme for Accelerating the Settlement of Headquarters of Wenzhouese Economic Projects in Wenzhou, worked out a map of targeted Wenzhouese enterprises in other cities for investment promotion, and sorted out nearly 200 leading enterprises in various fields.Investment promotion teams have been set up toinvestigate and trackthoseprojects (enterprises) before selecting the best of them according to their influence, project landing conditions, expected benefits and other indicators. After signing agreements, all projects will be included in the library of contracted projects, and will beclosely followed upuntil they are removed from the library after settlement.

To ensure that all projectsshould be landed without obstacles, Wenzhou has set up a joint meeting system for the return of the headquarters of Wenzhouese enterprises. In eachlocation of the headquarters, a service team is set up under the leadership of the top government officials of the area, who will follow the progress of project, and take responsibility forproject management,pre-approval, enterprise registration, land bidding, policy implementation and so on; meanwhile, a cadreat or above the rank of section chief will be commissioned as the project manager on behalf of top officials tomanage the whole process;a green channel will be opened, with eight departments of land and resources bureau, local taxation authority, administration of market regulation and others to coordinate for the smooth start of the projects.

In addition to responding to the difficulties met by the projects, local government departments have taken the initiative to extend their services to all aspects of enterprise development. For example, in the World Wenzhouese Home that has a total investment of 467 million yuan and a total construction area of more than 50,000 square meters inWenzhou Binjiang Business District, a demonstration park of returningWenzhoueseprojects is set up, where the settling projectscan share,without leaving the building, the information center, the capital center, the project center and the talent center which pool global wisdom, and enjoy the policies like settlement reward, financial incentives and rent reduction.

Besides,Wenzhou also issued 42 items of policytoalleviate the costs and burdens of enterprises on November 13th, reducing the taxes of enterprises by 10 billion yuan every year for three consecutive years. For the nine mainly supported types of enterprises or projects, such as the B-category enterprises that plan to get listed and the major returning (or attracted) Wenzhouese enterprises (projects), as much as 90% of their taxeswill be reduced or exempted. In case enterprises have not yet implemented comprehensive evaluation, 50% to 100% of their taxes will be reduced or exemptedwithout application according to their contribution of tax per mu.

Thanks to the continuous improvement and optimization of business environment, there is a dynamism of world Wenzhouesecoming back to Wenzhou for development and non-Wenzhouese enterprisesinvesting in Wenzhou. In the first three quarters of this year, Wenzhou has accumulatedin place 38.450 billion yuan of capital and 176 newly introduced projects, of which 61 industrial projects eachhavea planned investment of more than 100 million yuan and 10 major industrial projects each have a planned investment of more than 1 billion yuan.

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