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Wenzhou Featured Agricultural Products Fair Attracts over60,000 visitors in 3 days
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When visitors leaving in satisfaction with what they bought on November 13th, it marked the three-day event of the 8thWenzhou Featured Agricultural Products Fair came to a very fruitful ending. According to the statistics of the Fair’s organizing committee, thousands of high-quality agricultural products showcased on the Fair attracted more than 60,000 visitors with on-site sales volume in three days totaling more than 40 million yuan. During the event, 45 contractswith a total turnover of 20 million yuan were concludedand 92 letters of intent were signed.

This year’s Wenzhou Featured Agricultural Products Fair was held during the “Double Eleven” Shopping Festival ( Bachelor’s Day Promotion or Singles Day Promotion) , a time for various online and physical store sales promotions. Nevertheless, a large variety of high-quality agricultural productson the Fair made the exhibition very popular while visitors’enthusiasm for buying products was very high. The number of visitors on the first day of the event reached 21,000. The Fair has an exhibition area of 25,000 square meters divided into the Counterpart Support and Help Area’s Agricultural Products Section, the Taiwanese Agricultural Products Section, the Famous Farmers’ Snacks Section, and the Comprehensive Section with more than 500 exhibitors and 880 booths. It is worth mentioning that the Famous Farmers’ Snacks Section set up for the first time was particularly popular with visitors whose taste buds were highly stimulated by the specialties.

After the closing of the Fair, through the process of the preliminary evaluation by the relevant exhibition groups, the expert review and the approval of the Organizing Committee, 106 products were selected as award-winning products of the current Fair including 12 “Innovative Gold Award Products”, 45 “Gold Award Products” and 49 “Quality Award Products”. During the event, winners of the “Top Ten Branded Agricultural Products Most Favored by Wenzhounese” selected by public voting were also announced on November 13th. “Chuxu” brand duck tongue seasoned with soy sauce, “Huasheng” brand dried small shrimp, “Huangyuguo” brand wild yellow croaker, “Qiangxin” brand fish cake (fine cake), “Tengqiao”brand smoked chicken, “Xingbei” brand Seaweed, “Xianghai” brand crispy shrimp, “Xiuwen” brand duck tongue seasoned with soy sauce, “Yiming” brand milk, “Yuming Village” brand fragrant green tea from Taishun county were voted as the most popular agricultural products.

In addition to the on-the-spot hot sales, the Fair has also attracted exhibitors to stage various thematic promotional events including the Wenzhou Agricultural and Rural Achievement Exhibition, “Pingyang Five Fresh” Brand ProductsLaunching Conference,Rui’anTop Ten Famous Agricultural Products Promotion Conference, Rui’an County’s Special Promotion Event featuring 2018 “Ouyue Good-tasting Rice” High-quality Brand Rice Selection, Yueqing County’s Special Promotion Event featuring “Traditional Chinese Medicine for Health” and other quality and famous agricultural products, the First Farmers’ Harvest Festival of Wencheng Countyand the Third Glutinous Rice Yam Culture Festival, Jilin Province’s Brand Agricultural Products Promotion Conference, and the “Tibet’s Magic Land/Jiali County in the Cloud”. The special events set off and heightened the Fair’s atmosphere as these colorful activities brought more fun and excitement for visitors.

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