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White Paper on Wenzhouese Staple Food Consumption Released
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On Nov. 11th, the Wenzhou Municipal Grain Bureau released a white paper on the city’s staple food consumption in 2017 at the Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, which is one of the promotion events held at the same site for the rice from Jilin City of Jilin Province, and attended by 12 grain production enterprises from the city as promoters.

Rice, Still Wenzhouese Staple Food

According to the white paper, rice accounted for 3/4 of Wenzhouese staple food. According to the survey, among Wenzhouese residents' consumed ration, rice accounted for 77%, and wheat for 17%. The city's annual consumed rice reached 850,000 tons, of which Japonic rice jumped to 280,000 tons. Of the increased consumption, nearly 190,000 tons were from China’s three northeastern provinces, accounting for 22% of the city’s total rice consumption. In other words, every 10 bowls of rice eaten by Wenzhou citizens, there were 2 bowls from the Northeast.

Wenzhou People Eat Less Staple Food

In the past 10 years, the Wenzhou people have eaten less staple food. According to the survey, the Wenzhou people each ate 92 kg of rice on average last year, 42 kg less than a decade ago. Oweing to population decline, the city has a stable and gradual decrease in the total consumption of staple food, and the per capita staple food consumption is declining year by year to 172 kg (calculated as unprocessed grains ) in 2017. In recent years, the consumption of other foods, such as corn, sorghum and mung bean, have gradually increased in the city.

Consumed Grain largely from Other Provinces

In 2017, Wenzhou’s consumption of grain amounted to 2.19 million tons (2.19 billion kg), and its total grain output was 790,000 tons, registering a self-sufficiency rate of 36%. In the same year, totally Wenzhou’s 2.03 million tons of grain was transferred from outside of the city ( 600,000 tons of which were supplied to its surrounding areas), in which 1.47 million tons came from other provinces, with 490,000 tons from Jiangsu, 300,000 tons from Heilongjiang, 200,000 tons from Anhui, 130,000 tons from Jiangxi, and 120,000 tons from Shandong. The grain coming from the three provinces in northeast China accounted for 30% of the total transferred to Wenzhou from the provinces outside of Zhejiang where Wenzhou lies. .

Jointly Building Grain Base

According to sources concerned, Wenzhou City is eager to establish a stablized grain supply base, and Jilin City is the hometown of China's japonica rice. Therefore, the two cities have cooperated this year in establishing in Wenzhou a purchasing and storage base for grain produced in Jilin, and setting up Jinlin’s rice direct-sales and experience stores.   

The 2018 Jilin City Rice Series Promotion Events were launched in Wenzhou in November this year to push sales of Jilin’s Japonic rice to Wenzhou. The events were jointly hosted by Jilin Municipal People's Government and Wenzhou’s counterpart, and undertaken by Jilin Grain Bureau and Wenzhou’s counterpart. The events lasted for 18 days.

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