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Taishun: Natural Oxygen Zone of China
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Taishun, the only area in Wenzhou, was granted “Natural Oxygen Zone of China” (NOZC) by China Meteorological Service Association (CMSA) at the release conference of “NOZC 2018” held in Beijing on September 26.

Establishing NOZC was initiated by CMSA in 2016. Zones, meeting demanding requirements of annual mean concentration of negative oxide ions over 1000 per cubic centimeter and annual AQI index (index of air quality) under 100, are eligible forapplication and will be made comprehensive assessments of various environmental indexes in accordance to Evaluation Indexes of NOZC by evaluation committee, including content of negative oxide ions, forest coverage, surface-water, air quality and so on.

However, Taishun’s unique natural conditions make it easy to apply for NOZC. In terms of content of negative oxide ions, the highest mean concentration reaches at 0.1 million negative oxide ionsper cubic centimeter. Located in the mountain area of South Zhejiang, its forest coverage reaches 76.59% with qualified water flowing in surface-water environmental functional zones and out of county boundary. Besides, the air quality of 346 days in 2017 and each day of the first 7 months of this year has reached the standard of “excellent” and “good” .

Lei Ziliang, deputy country chief of Taishun, claims, “The eco-environment quality of Taishun takes lead and has ranked No.1 for 7 years in ZhejiangProvincesince the national eco-environment quality status evaluation was launched in 2005.” The planning of establishing Taishun as an ecological county was implemented in 2004 and has remained predominant in county construction: 70,000 residents have moved to make room for ecological construction over the past 15 years; Over 100 projects with a total investment of RMB 7 billion have been turned down due to unqualified environmental impact assessment: Itconstantly deepens reform of ecological civilization system, implements comprehensive reform with ecologicalized innovation, and takes ecological construction as a key to making assessments of the working performance of various departments of villages and towns. The great efforts made in ecological construction endow Taishun with several national-level “golden name cards”, such as “National Ecological County”, “National Ecological Civilization Construction Pilot Unit”, “National Main Functional Zone Construction Pilot Unit” and so on.

The 1000-people conference on establishing Taishun as a demonstration county for all-for-one tourism was held in the May of last year in an effort to promote its ecological progress by initiating “all-for-one tourism” program and building the brand of “NOZC· Health Tourism in Taishun”. From the beginning of this year, 25 new tourist projects have been added, including Huadong Grand Canyon International Resort Area, Taishun’s largest investment in history. Besides, Nanpuxi Creek Scenic Area, Baizhang Feiyunhu Lake Scenic Area and Shexiang Zhuli Scenic Area are established according to the national 4A Scenic Area standards so as to attract more tourists. By the end of August, 3,755,200 tourists have visited Taishun with a year-on-year growth of 35.6%, generating a tourism comprehensive output value of RMB 2.355 billion with a year-on-year growth of 35.5%.

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