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The Affiliated Wenzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University
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Wenzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was initially established in 1923 as Yongjia Pu’an TCM Clinic and Pharmacy by industrialists including Cai Guanfu, Chen Ziming, and Tao Lvchen through fund-raising. It was initially a medical charity aimed to “help the poor with medical service and medicine”.

After more than 90 years of development, the Hospital is now a national Grade A TCM hospital with honorary titles such as the Zhejiang provincial “Safe Hospital”, and “Green Hospital”. The hospital boasts high academic level and enjoys good social reputation while undertaking tasks relating to Southern Zhejiang’s TCM teaching, research and training. With more than 1600 employees, the Hospital, consisting of four branches (Liuhongqiao, Dashimen, Jinshan and Shuixin), occupies a total area of 112.77 mu (approximately 75,180 square meters) with a construction area of 133,900 square meters. The hospital is approved to have 880 beds and offers more than 1,000 beds in service.

In 2004, the Hospital became a teaching hospital of the then Zhejiang Chinese Medical College, Wenzhou Medical University and Jiangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It became an affiliated hospital to Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in 2008 and to Fujiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2015. In 2007, the Hospital was designated as a construction unit of the “Zhejiang Prestigious TCM Hospital Building Project” with its TCM gynecology, nephropathy, and liver disease departments selected as the candidate for building prestigious TCM specialties. The Hospital has now established four national key specialties (disciplines) --- TCM Gynecology, Nephrology, Rehabilitation, and Mental Disease; four provincial key specialties (disciplines) --- TCM Gynecology, Nephrology, TCM-integrated, Elderly Rehabilitation and Liver Diseases; four municipal key discipline groups ---Gerontology, Rehabilitation, Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases, and Tramotology and Orthopedics; eight municipal key disciplines---Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases, Rehabilitation, Tramotology and Orthopedics, TCM-integrated Mastopathy, TCM-integrated Gastroenterology, TCM-integrated Oncology, Acupuncture and Massage (Tuina), and Laboratory Medicine; one hospital-level key discipline group--- TCM Hepatology; four hospital-level key disciplines --- Respiratory Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine, and TCM Pharmacy, thus leading the development of TCM medicine in Southern Zhejiang.

Telephone: 0577-56671566、0577-88223731

Liuhongqiao Branch

The construction of a new hospital site on the road of Liuhongqiao is divided into two phases. The first phase construction plans to complete65,000 square meters in area in a plot of land covering 38 mu or 25,333 square meters. Being started with a grand foundation laying ceremony held in December 2011, the first phase construction was completed by April, 2015 when the Liuhongqiao Branch was officially put in use. The second phase construction plans to complete the construction of 30,2000 square meters for the official use by 2017. Liuhongqiao Branch is expected to become the core service area of the Hospital as it can provide all-around medical services including inpatient, outpatient and emergency services to people living in the west part of the city.

Address: 9 Jiaowei Road, Liuhongqiao, Wenzhou

Shuixin Branch

Located on Jinxiu Road in downtown Wenzhou, the Shuixin Branch covers an area of 21 mu or 14000 square meters with a total construction area of 10909 square meters. On January 1, 2013, the Hospital took a leap forward on the road of integrating medical resources by acquiring the Eighth People’s Hospital of Wenzhou as its Shuixin Branch. This marked a precedent of a TCM hospital acquiring a general hospital in Wenzhou. In September 2015, the TCM gynecological clinic and wards were relocated to the Shuixin Branch with the number of beds in service being expanded to 128.

Address: 1024 Jinxiu Road, Wenzhou

Jingshan Branch

Formerly known as Wenzhou Qigong Sanatorium, Jingshan Branch is located in Wenzhou Jingshan Park, covering an area of 41.5 mu or 27,666 square meters with a total construction area of 11,024 square meters. The Sanatorium became the Jingshan Branch of the Hospital in 1999. In 2000, the Branch and the China Rehabilitation Research Center jointly founded the “Wenzhou Branch of China Rehabilitation Research Center”. Since then, with the help of the China Rehabilitation Research Center in business guidance and technical training, the Branch has evolved into one of the largest, most comprehensive, best equipped general rehabilitation centers with strongest technical force in Zhejiang Province.

Address: 338 Xueshan Road, Wenzhou

Dashimen Branch

Located at the foot of Songtai Hill and on the side Jiushan Lake in downtown Wenzhou, the Dashimen Branch of the Hospital covers an area of 10 mu or 66,667 square meters with a total construction area of 15,577 square meters. Since the relocation of the Hospital to the site of Dashimen Branch, the Hospital established primary departments including internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology, pediatrics, ICU, infectious disease, tramotology and orthopedics, anorectal, ENT, eye, acupuncture, massage, rehabilitation, stomatology, and dermatology, and wards for kidney disease, liver disease, digestion, breathing, tumor and cancer, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Holding onto the featured TCM services and the TCM-integrated developmental direction, the Hospital has been enjoying a good social reputation. After the relocation of the Hospital’s major departments and facilities to Liuhongqiao Branch, the Dashimen Branch is expected to be committed to TCM geriatrics in the future.

Address: 27, Dashimen, Xinhe Street, Wenzhou

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