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The Seventh People’s Hospital of Wenzhou (Wenzhou Mental Health Center)
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Founded in October 1959, the Seventh People’s Hospital of Wenzhou (Wenzhou Mental Health Center) is located at the foot of the beautiful Jingshan Hill. The Hospital is Wenzhou’s oldest, largest and most influential public mental health institution. Being responsible for the city’s mental health-related medical service, teaching, scientific research, prevention, rehabilitation, psychological counseling and academic exchanges and other tasks, the Hospital boasts a high academic level and good social reputation. As the seat of the Wenzhou Municipal Mental Health Office, the Hospital is also a teaching hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, a graduate-student teaching and practice training base of Xiamen University, a national psychological counsel training base, a collaborative hospital of both Shanghai Mental Health Center and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The Hospital has two branches: the Xishan Branch and the Longwan Branch, with over 1100 beds in service (300 beds approved) and 12 wards. The Hospital has a staff of 548 employees including 336 medical personnel, 82 of whom have intermediate or senior professional titles. Currently, the Hospital has set up specialties including general psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, geriatric psychiatry, behavioral medicine (addiction), clinical psychology, rehabilitation, forensic science (the specialties of behavioral medicine and psychosomatic medicine are key medical specialties of Wenzhou). Meanwhile, the Hospital provides psychiatric forensic, mental disability identification, intelligence deficiency identification, psychological crisis intervention and other services. The Hospital pioneered in introducing and applying internationally advanced concepts of mental illness treatment and rehabilitation in the field of mental rehabilitation by setting up a social workers’ team in Wenzhou. Based on the treatment of mental illness, the Hospital has developed a medical pattern of simultaneous growth of the mental health center, the psychological counseling center, and the elderly rehabilitation center. In addition to the general psychiatric and TCM mental health clinics, the Hospital has also set up specialist outpatient clinics for alcoholism,anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, children and adolescents’ psychological disorders, the middle-aged and the elderly sleep disorders, children’s psychological barriers, and the TCM-integrated treatment of mental disorders.

The Hospital is equipped with spiral CT, color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, MECT treatment instrument, biofeedback therapy instrument, liquid chromatography, automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic blood analyzer, automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay, transcranial Doppler, multi-conductive psychological and physiological assessment system, Hui-cheng psychological assessment system, forensic psychiatric identification expert diagnostic system and other advanced medical equipment.

To meet the growing needs for mental health-related medical services in Wenzhou, the Hospital is planning to build a new branch in Xueshiqian Village, Panqiao Subdistrict, Ouhai District. The construction of the planned new branch covering an area of 81.45 mu or 543,000 square meters with a total number of 800 beds will be completed in three years since the ground breaking ceremony held on September 21, 2014. When the new branch is built, the total number of beds will be over 1100. In the future, the Hospital will rapidly expand its scale of mental health-related medical services and become a modern general hospital with distinctive featured mental health-related specialties in Wenzhou and even the entire region of southern Zhejiang and northern Fujian.

Address: 552, East Xishan Road, Wenzhou

Tel: 0577-86188516 (Appointment Hotline)

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