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Giessen Education Delegation Visits Wenzhou
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Recently, an education delegation of 4 teachers and 31 students from Giessen, a sister city of Wenzhou in Germany, visited Wenzhou. In their two-week long stay in Wenzhou, the delegation held exchange activities with teachers and students in Wenzhou No. 2 Senior High School and Wenzhou  Foreign Language  School.

During their stay, German teachers and students either lived in school dormitories or lived with host Chinese families to experience the daily life of students in Wenzhou. They attended classes and took part in activities held by student associations of host schools. They learned the local folk song “Ding Ding Dang” and Chinese boxing, practiced Chinese calligraphy, and watched Peking Opera. They visited the Hair Embroidery Museum at Wenzhou University, the South Opera Museum to enjoy and experience Ou Opera, the Fencing Hall at Wenzhou Sports Center, Wenzhou No. 14 Senior High School to experience Wenzhou’s intangible heritage and folk crafts, Wenzhou Overseas Chinese Vocational School to take a bite of Chinese cuisine and Wenzhou Planning Exhibition Hall to learn the development of Wenzhou.

They held friendly matches of basketball and soccer with students in Wenzhou  Foreign Language  School, Wenzhou No. 14 Senior High School and Wenzhou No. 2 Senior High School to enhance friendship and boost friendly feelings. At the invitation of “Green Voice” of the Wenzhou Radio and Television Media Group, they were on air to convey their feelings and reflections about Wenzhou to listeners through radio. They visited the Navajoite Capital National  Park in Fanshan, Cangnan, and Dongtou, the district of Hundred Islands in Wenzhou, to enjoy its scenery and learn its history. They joined with Chinese students in Spring outing on Lingkun  Island.  

On the evening of April 12, a series of cultural activities involving students from China, Germany, the United States, and France took place in Wenzhou  Middle School. During the show, students from the four countries created a map of Wenzhou by standing in formation while singing Auld Lang Syne together. The climax of the show came when German students sung in a chorus the local folk song “Ding Ding Dang”. Zhu Qingyuan, a representative exchange student in Class 6, Grade 1 of Wenzhou Middle School, representing Chinese students on the Student Leadership Forum, delivered a wonderful speech that was highly recognized by student delegations from the four countries. The female chorus of the song Pusaman performed by Wei Wengzhiyi, Chen Yan, and Zheng Shuyi, all of whom are exchange students from Wenzhou Middle School, presented the “Chinese style” onto the international stage by beautiful melody, carrying voice and elaborate interpretation.

German students were quick in getting along with the Chinese host families. They had dinners, snacks and home cooked dishes with them. At their leisure, they strolled around Shuomen Ancient Street, Wuma Street, “Impressions of Nan Tang” and other scenic spots in Wenzhou. They toured around Hangzhou to visit the West Lake and Zhejiang University and Visited the Bund in Shanghai. Walking on rope bridge, riding the bamboo raft on the river and staying in Bed & Breakfast, they were deeply impressed by each and every place they visited and scenery they enjoyed.

The event drew a successful conclusion for the teacher and student exchange activities under the 2017 Wenzhou - Giessen Friendly Exchange Program. A brief visit of 15 days will be a wonderful memory for the German students and an asset to the growth of host students in Wenzhou. The in-depth bilateral exchange involving family and school will enhance their understanding, increase their knowledge, broaden their horizons, and help establish a profound friendship across borders. In the future, the students may become the bridge and messengers to promote the development of relations and cultural exchanges between the two countries.


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