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The King's Singers’ Concert 2017
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Performed by: The King's Singers

Venue: Opera Hall, Wenzhou Grand Theater

Time: 19:30, May 16th, 2017

Ticket Price (RMB): 80, 180, 280, 480, 580, 680


The group always consists of six singers in total, with their membership changing over the years. However, the ensemble consistently remains energy and harmony. In their concert, there is no gorgeous sound or light effect, no colorful costumes or setting, nor exaggerated body movements, but six people take turns to sing in an arc, standing in the center of the stage. Although there are only six mouths, they will be able to achieve the compound effect of a 40-people mix-sound choir, an orchestra of the same size, and a range of percussion instruments. When singing religious hymns, they can be compared to the top of the choir; when singing ballads, their tone is humorous, even with dialect; when singing pop music, they can act as musicians and vividly imitate the blending sound created by percussion, orchestra and chord; while singing classical music, they can create an illusion for audience that they are listening to a full-member orchestra.

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