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Wenzhou Medical University and Medical University of Lublin Sign Cooperation Agreement
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On the morning of March 4th, President Lu Fan representing Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) and Wojciech Zaluska, Dean of II Faculty of Medicine with English Language Division representing the Medical University of Lublin, signed a cooperation agreement on the joint “Huatuo Program” at the Xuguang Hall on WMU’s Chashan Campus. His Excellency Mr. Grzegorz Czelej, Deputy Marshal (Speaker) of the Polish Senate and Chairman of the Polish Parliament’s Polish-Chinese Relations Group, Director Ge Yiping of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal People’s Congress, Deputy Director Wang Xiaotong of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal People’s Congress, Deputy Mayor Zheng Chaoyang also attended the signing ceremony.

Launched by WMU in cooperation with the Polish Medical University of Lublin as an effort in response to China’s national development strategy of “Belt & Road” , “Huatuo Program” is China’s first overseas clinical medical education program. The Program aims to cultivate international medical talents with a humanity and natural science background, a broad global perspective, good communication skills, comprehensive medical expertise and proficient clinical medical skills. According to the cooperation agreement, after completing their studies in WMU and the Medical University of Lublin, students will be awarded MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine) degree from WMU and MD ( Doctor of medicine) degree from the Medical University of Lublin.

WMU with a history of nearly 100 years has rich experience in clinical medicine education of nearly 60 years and more than 10 years of experience in medical education of international students. WMU is a pioneer in China for a couple of international cooperation programs. In 2000, WMU launched in cooperation with the US New England College of Optometry a joint doctoral program of Ophthalmology and Optometry that was then one of the highest level China-foreign joint educational programs approved by the Chinese government. In addition, WMU’s joint bachelor degree program of Nursing with the US Thomas University, and its joint doctoral program of Translational Medicine with the Swedish Lund University have become examples for education cooperation in related fields.

At present, nearly 1100 international students are doing international medical education programs in the Medical University of Lublin, which is the large medical university and the leading university with the most enrollments of international students in Poland. Located in the city of Lublin, Poland, the Medical University of Lublin with a history of more than 60 years is renowned in the field of medical education in Europe. The University has more than 20 years of experience in international medical education. The academic qualifications and certificates of the University are widely recognized by international medical teaching authorities in EU, the United   States and other parts of the world. The University also provides standardized medical training programs for medical licensing examinations in various countries.

In the future, both universities will combine the advantages of each other in operation, and actively carry out the featured educational programs. The teaching focus will be on the integration of the medical theory and clinical practice for practical use, learn from each other, so as to inspire students for initiative and participation. The two schools will also carry out reciprocal visits and training programs of the faculty, research collaborations to jointly promote the construction of “Huatuo Program”. Both sides expect to carry out more cooperation in medical education, research and clinical service with “Huatuo Program” as the beginning, so as to make contribution to China-Poland educational cooperation and exchanges as well as the “Belt & Road” construction.


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