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German Essen Girls Choir
Date:2017-03-23 10:15:46 Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Performed by: Essen Girls Choir

Venue: Opera Hall, Wenzhou Grand Theater

Time: 19:30, April 9th, 2017

Ticket Price (RMB): 50, 100, 160, 220, 280.


Robert Schumann (1810---1856) was a German composer and influential music critic in the 19th century. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest/outstanding composers/figures of the Romantic era in the history of German music. In his artistic creations/works, both benefits and drawbacks of German romanticism are deeply/profoundly reflected.

In memory of Schuhmann who dedicated his whole life to music, Robert Schumann Hochschule comes into being/emerges as the times require, which is one of the most famous music universities in Germany, in order to appreciate Duesseldorf’s support.

A team made up of beautiful girls, named Essen Girls Choir, was led by Raimund Wippermann to Wenzhou, the president of Robert Schumann Hochschule. Each member of the choir accepts systematic vocal training every week so that their beautiful voice, like “sounds of nature”, would wake up and cheer up everyone's senses. The chorus offers them comprehensive and thorough music education, evokes their rich feeling and deep emotion, and instruct/teach them to learn how to deal with music/to learn the way to deal with music unknowingly/self-evidently, through complex chorus of music/complex melody.

In 2010, the choir won the first prize as well as the special award of/for girl groups in German Choral Festival.Besides, it has made prominence in German choir games several times and engaged/taken part in/joined in the concert tour of Hannover Messe,Saarland Festival and expositions in Italy and Scandinavia.

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