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Performed by: Fadi J. Khoury Dance (FJK Dance)

Venue: Opera Hall, Wenzhou Grand Theater

Time: 19:30, March 24th, 2017

Ticket Price (RMB): 50, 100,180, 280, 380.

“Echoes” is based on the rhythm of Middle Eastern drums and percussion instruments, inspired by “DABKE”---a folkloric traditional Bedouin dance from the mountains of Lebanon and Syria.

Choreography & Costume Designer: Fadi J. Khoury

Lighting Designer: Calvin Anderson

Music: Shamou

FJK Dance is a contemporary dance company founded in 2014 by Fadi J. Khoury and Sevin Ceviker. Dedicated to presenting a unique fusion of dance genres, it experiments endless possibilities with various forms of dance, from classical ballet to ballroom, from Middle Eastern to jazz. It fills a void in the current dance scene, fusing the vocabularies/essentials of various genres---modern jazz, classical ballet and traditional folkloric---into their own language that uses abstract body lines, forms and energy to communicate with audience.


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