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Wenzhou Sports School and Negeri Sembilan Chin Woo Athletic Association Signed MoU for Cooperation
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On the afternoon of December 21, Wenzhou Sports School signed with Malaysia’s Negeri Sembilan Chin Woo Athletic Association a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation in Wushu cultural exchange and friendly relations under the framework of the “Belt and Road” Initiative. The two sides proposed a three-year program of cooperation in Wushu skill development, promotion and cultural exchange.President Fang Zhifang of Wenzhou Sports School and Zhang Jinfa, President of Negeri Sembilan Chin Woo Athletic Association, signed the Memorandum. At the signing ceremony, President Zhang Jinfa presented the calligraphy works of “China-Malaysia Wushu Cultural Pioneers for the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative” by Wang Ya, President of the Malaysian Society of Calligraphy and Painting as a gift to Wenzhou Sports School.

According to Zhang Jinfa, Malaysia has a population of more than 30 million, of which more than 6 million are overseas Chinese. Negeri Sembilan Chin Woo Athletic Association can trace its 95 years of history back to the Chin Woo Athletic Association founded by Huo Yuanjia, the patriotic Wushu master, in Shanghai. As a civil society organization, the Association plays an important role in promoting traditional Chinese Wushu culture in Malaysia. Since the Association’s has encountered a bottleneck in its further development, Zhang hoped to learn how to break through it by visiting China. In response to the “Belt and Road” Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping, the Association has sent delegations to China in recent years. After their previous study tour to Handan, the Association set up a joint Chinese Tai Chi College in Malaysia with Chinese partners. According to Zhang Jinfa, the Association’s Malaysian Wushu College, the first Wushu institute in Southeast Asia is under construction. Upon completion, the Association will run the college by following the management experience of Wenzhou Sports School. The two institutions will carry out two-way exchange of faculty and athletes. Next year, Malaysia will hold an international martial arts competition, at which Wenzhou Sports Schools will serve as a unit providing guidance and send teams to compete.

It is understood that cooperation between Wenzhou Sports School and Negeri Sembilan Chin Woo Athletic Association was made possible by Wenzhou’s first Wushu world champion Mao Yaqi who was the coach of Malaysia’s national martial arts team and is currently the overseas Wushu consultant for the Association. Mao Yaqi is an outstanding athlete receiving training at Wenzhou Sports School. Deng Xiaofeng, head coach of the Municipal Wushu Team of Wenzhou is her first coach. With Mao Yaqi making the introduction, President Zhang Jinfa led 10 teenager athletes to visit Wenzhou Sports School to attend a 10-day joint training session with students on the municipal Wushu team of Wenzhou.

During China’s National Day Holiday of 2017, athletes from Wenzhou Sports School won three world championships to make the city known for Wushu throughout the world: Zhang Yaowen won the Men’s Spear Championship and Cai Yingying won the Wushu Sanda Championship in Women’s 60kg Category at the 14th World Wushu Championships while Lin Heqin secured the gold medal for Women’s 52.2 kg Category in 2017 MMA Fighting World Championship. Designated as a National Chinese Language and Cultural Education Base, Wenzhou Sports School has been hosting the Wushu Speciality Camp of “Meeting in Wenzhou” , one of the events of the Root-seeking Summer Camp for overseas Chinese descendants for 5 years in succession. The School has successively established friendly relations with the Austrian Chinese School, the French National Wushu Team, and the Czech National Wushu Team. In addition, Coach Deng Xiaofeng has been sent by the School to Italy, Spain, Austria, Fiji, Brazil and other countries for teaching Wushu.

At the signing ceremony, Deng Xiaofeng, president of the Wushu Federation of Wenzhou, and Zhang Jinfa, President of the Negeri Sembilan Chin Woo Athletic Association, representing the Federation and the Association respectively, issued a letter of appointment for overseas Wushu consultant to each other.

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