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Large-scale Doll Musical Chi-bi Maruko - Cinderella
Date:2016-04-19 15:16:23 Source:Wenzhou China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Performed by: The Theater Company Hikosen, Taiwan Guyin Galaxy Children's Theater
Venue: Opera Hall, Wenzhou Grand Theater
Time: 19:30, May 24th 2016
Ticket Price (RMB): 50, 100, 180, 280, 380

Here comes Chi-bi Maruko, a sensational Japanese cartoon series that gained the highest audience rating in Japan! Its musical Chi-bi Maruko - Cinderella will be shown by the Theater Company Hikosen in Wenzhou soon. You will feel running out of words in the face of Chi-bi Maruko, who always talks gibberish and comes up with some weird ideas; and you will burst into guffaws upon hearing the interesting talks between Chi-bi Maruko and her beloved grandpa, Sakura Tomozo, a funny and quixotic elder who often daydreams with her. How could you miss such a notable and powerful cast!

About the Plot

Just like kids around us, the plain and candid Chi-bi Maruko who acts unexpectedly and likes to ask why, reflecting the curiosity a kid has for the grown-ups’ world. She will be happy for a small anecdote for a long while, and is liable to be sentimental for the surroundings. Of course, her bad mood will be gone easily due to her optimism, and her good mood is contagious. Her affectionate grandpa Sakura Tomozo, often composes poems for the experiences in a day, and his intriguing talks with Chi-bi Maruko will bring about roars of laughter among audience. The tolerance, care and love shown in many sweet and touching scenes in the story have moved numerous families.

The school is about to have a presentation about learning achievements. Honami Tama looks forward to playing the role of Cinderella, yet unfortunately, she breaks her leg when saving Chi-bi Maruko from the attacks by bees. After discussion, it is decided that the candidate for Cinderella will be chosen by finger-guessing. Being guilty, Chi-bi Maruko plays it with Migkiwa Hanako, who wants to dance together with Hanawa Kazuhiko, and wins.

About the Theater Company Hikosen

Founded in 1966, Hikosen has over 180 members and staged public shows in more than 20 countries around the world. Different from traditional puppet shows, it characterizes live doll musicals. All its members are good at ballet and gymnastics. During shows, they will appear like classical puppets by putting on exquisite masks, distinct costumes and props. Their vivid presentation will be a great feast for the eyes and ears. Life-like stage set creates a dream space by adopting and integrating film and stage effects and displays the realm of truth, goodness and beauty in fairy tales through songs and dances.

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