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Xu Shuncong, Director of Wenzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, to Answer Citizens’ Calls new
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New Achievements in Education Exchange with Gwangjiu, ROK
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Since friendly cooperative relationship was established between Gwangjiu, Republic of Korea (ROK) and Wenzhou in March, 2012, diverse economic and cultural exchanges and fruitful education exchanges have been made.

In June, 2015, Wenzhou No. 14 Middle School set up the Sino-ROK international class for the first time towards schools directly under the municipal government and schools in Lucheng district, which was supported and facilitated by the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government as one of the international cooperation projects between the government of Wenzhou and Gwangjiu to strengthen related trade and cultural exchanges. However, the class enrolls students towards the whole city this year and on December 27, the first batch of 27 graduates were enrolled by Chonnam  National University after testing. Located in Gwangjiu, the university is ranked among top ten in South Korea. It boasts science & engineering and covers key majors, such as life science, art and culture, communication technology, semi-conductor technology, energy technology, automobile engineering and robotics. Other 7 graduates with excellent achievements are applying for well-known universities in South Korea, such as the Korea University and Hanyang University.

Currently, the Korean course system has been completed in the China-ROK international department of  Wenzhou No. 14 Middle School. According to the principal, the class aims to cultivate international talents with “Chinese heart, international vision and competitiveness”. With “Chinese heart”, which is the basis, he hopes that students could serve the economic establishment and development of hometown with international vision after receiving multi-cultural higher education. He also stated that the enrollment of high school graduates by Chonnam  National University would further enhance exchange and cooperation of two cities in education and culture and strengthen understanding and friendship between citizens in those two cities.

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