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Wenzhou to Put On Art Shows in Qatar
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On the afternoon of October 11, related leaders of the state Ministry of Culture (MOC) and the Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Department (ZPCD) came to Wenzhou to review 8 art programs to be performed at the Chinese Culture Festival to be held in Qatar. In recent years, Wenzhou’s fantastic cultural heritages and art works, such as the TV series entitled “Legend of Entrepreneurship” based on Wenzhou’s realities, female chorus, animation works produced by Top Bright Animation Group, and intangible cultrual heritages, have found their ways overseas, attracting more attentions from foreign countries and gaining global popularity for Wenzhou’s cultural brands.

The state Ministry of Culture will hold the Chinese Culture Festival in Qatar during theYear of Sino-Qatari Culture 2016. 13 art programs, performed by Zhejiang’s three groups and selected by fierce competition, were confirmed by the MOC and the ZPCD for their attending the Festival. The three groups are Wenzhou City’s Lucheng District Cultural Center (LDCC), Huzhou City’s Changxing County Cultural Center, and Lishui City’s Western Zhejiang She Nationality Song and Dance Troupe. The LDCC and the Lucheng District General Art Troupe will put on eight items of shows totally for 10 times in Qatar. The shows, featuring Chinese culture, will include dances, instruments, traditional Chinese operas, tai chi, martial arts, and magic.

In recent years, Wenzhou’s cultural and creative products have gone global with orders for them coming in steadily from foreign countries. According to a source from the CPC Wenzhou Committee Publicity Department, at the Cultural and Creative Industry Expo held in Shenzhen in May this year, the Wenzhou Pavilion received 22,000 person-times of visitors, and Wenzhou’s on-line exhibition and trade system attracted attentions for 25,000 person-times, getting over 50,000 hits, with Wenzhou exhibitors’ on- and off-line turnover (intended one included) up to 26.58 million yuan (over USD 4 million). Top Bright Animation Group will be exporting the cartoon “Looking for Escaped Chinese Characters” (produced independently by itself) to Pakistan and other countries, and Wenzhou Zhengxu Movie and TV Making Co., Ltd. is to export its film and TV programs to China’s 4 peripheral countries.

In the World Choir Games(WCG)held in Sochi of Russia on July 6-16 this year, Wenzhou Female Choir won a gold medal in the Category C27: Folkore a cappella, and a silver in the Category C22: Female choirs. The WCG award ceremony was held on the evening of July 10. The team created the best results local choir groups have ever achieved in the world choir contests, which made Wenzhou’s art of vocal music known to the world.   

In 2015, Top Bright Animation Group exported its cartoon and animation derivative products valued at USD 18 million, and the value of its orders in the first season this year equaled that in the whole last year. It is expected that the group will receive orders valued at USD 30 million in the whole year of 2016.  

In addition, the furniture devised by scores of ingenious Chinese designers, headed by Furniture Art Director Zhu Xiaojie, made a stunning appearance at the International Design Weekheld in Milano, Italy.  

In recent years, Wenzhou’s more and more intangible cultural heritage projects have been displayed in foreign countries, such as India, Switzerland and Turkey, which shows to the world the unique charms of traditional Chinese and Wenzhou local culture.    

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