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Overseas Wenzhouese leaders Attend President Xi Jinping's meeting with Overseas Chinese in Seattle
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On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, on the evening of Sep. 23 this year, the Chinese President Xi Jinping and first lady Peng Liyuan met with the representatives of the overseas Chinese in Seattle during his visit to US. Mr. Lin Xuandong, President of the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles, and Mr. Lin Guang, President of the Association of Overseas Wenzhouese in Los Angeles were among the representatives.  

The meeting was held at Westin Hotel, Seattle. At 4 pm, the representatives entered the meeting hall where they rehearsed multiple times for their later pictures taken with President Xi. They were eager to see their beloved leader soonest. Three hours later,at 7:30,amid enthusiastic applauses,President Xi,poised and self-confident,stepped into the hall with Madam Peng Liyuan. Xi, with a smile, shook hands with those in the front row, and had pictures taken with all the representatives. Then he delivered a sincere and passionate speech, saying that it was the common dream of all domestic and overseas Chinese to realize Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation. He hoped that the overseas Chinese in US could actively melt into America's main stream society to advance local economic and social development, and serve as matchmakers for the mutual benefit cooperation between China and America as they are well versed in both Chinese and Western learning and culture. He also expected these overseas compatriots could initiatively and actively publicize Chinese culture and disseminate China's voice in a proper way. The overseas Chinese in US were greatly moved and inspired by President Xi's speech, which enabled them to further understand their historical missions in the process of realizing the Chinese Dream. They also felt excited that the day the dream would come true was approaching.

President Xi brought moon cakes, among others, with him as Mid-autumn Festival gifts to all Chinese living in Los Angeles. The gifts also symbolize domestic Chinese's concern for their compatriots abroad. A renowned ancient Chinese poet says in his verse: “ In the world open and wide, my nostalgia for hometown are getting stronger.” The overseas Wenzhouese in Los Angeles and each part of America, with their ancestries in China, miss and love their motherland. They fully support China's reunification and development as usual, and are willing to make greater contributions in promoting the friendship and cooperation between China and America. They also hope that the two countries could coexist peacefully and well cooperate with each other, and both could make their outstanding contributions to the world peace.   

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