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Baizhangji Waterfall
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Among the natural landscape enthusiasts in South Zhejiang, there goes a saying that “Yandangshan Mountain is renowned for its peaks, while Nanshan Mountain is famous for its waterfalls”. Wencheng County of Wenzhou City, where Nanshan Mountain stands, is endowed with myriad waterfalls, among which the Baizhangji Waterfall is reputed as the top one (in height) across China. Nanshan Mountain is an alpine platform created among numerous mountains in Northern Wencheng County, to which the Donggongshan Mountains extend across Fujian and Zhejiang Provinces and for over 500 km.

Situated at the alpine platform of Nanshan Mountain, the Baizhangji Waterfall is a collection of rainwater distributed in an area of over 600 km2 of the mountain. From the 256 meters-high cliffs at the edge of the platform, the fall cascades down with an imposing grandeur probably beyond your imagination. The Baizhangji Scenic Area is formed by a gigantic V-shaped gorge with a length of 1200 m and water drop of 353 m. In the Area, with the three-step cliff surface, the down-rushing fall looks to be three connected sections of different heights.

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