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Russian St. Petersburg State Ice Ballet Swan Lake
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Performed by: Russian St. Petersburg State Ice Ballet
Venue: Opera Hall, Wenzhou Grand Theater
Time: 19:30, September 16th, 2015
Ticket Price (RMB): 80, 180, 280, 380, 580

  Introduction to the Ballet

Established in 1967, St. Petersburg State Ice Ballet is a world’s top ice ballet, the only performing group that can show a whole classical ballet on ice. Its founder, Konstantin Boyarsky (1915-1974), is the leading actor and director of the Kirov Theater in St. Petersburg.

General Director Konstantin Rassadin is a merited artist of Russia, graduated from Vaganova Ballet Academy as a classmate of the world’s ballet master Nureyev. From 1956 to 1979, he served as the main actor for the character dance of Kirov Ballet and created a vivid image of a witty choreographer in Director Jakobsson’s masterpieces, such as Toady, Bug, and Clown. He also played in the ballet Carnival and character dances in Don Quixote, Raymonda, The Little Humpbacked Horse and The Nutcracker.

Over 40 ice ballet stars will take part in the China tour this time, and quite a few of them are known athletes, who are winners of figure skating in Russia and in the world. Over the past three decades since the premiere of Crystal Palace, St. Petersburg State Ice Ballet has given over 5000 shows, with its footprints in all big cities in the Soviet Union, in countries like Poland, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Greece, the United Kingdom, the United States, and South Korea. During 1995 and 1996, it toured around the U.S. and Canada for as long as half a year.

  Konstantin •A• Rassadin

Famous Ballet Dancer, Merited Artist of Russia, Head of Ballet    

Konstantin •A• Rassadin graduated from the famous Vaganova Ballet Academy in Russia. Thereafter, he was invited to be the solo character dance for Kirov Ballet in St. Petersburg, normally the first performer of such roles. Due to his several outstanding stage images, he turned into a ballet star of such roles at the age of 23.

Mariinsky Ballet is one of the best ballets in the world. Konstantin has cooperated with many prestigious ballet dancers, including Natalia Makarova, Konstantin Sergeyev, Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov. It is worth mentioning that he had wonderful cooperation with the well-known Yuri Grigorovich and Leonid Jakobsson.

When he was still studying in St. Petersburg Music Institute, Konstantin had already made a professional dancer of himself, which inspired his lifelong pursuit – ballet genius and. In the first national ballet dancer competition, his creative performance earned him the first award.

Henceforth, Konstantin assumed the post of chief director for St. Petersburg State Ice Ballet, and moved numerous ballets onto the ice. His works include Romantic Poems, The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake.

Swan Lake

Composed by: Tchaikovsky    Double-Act Ballet

 Act 1

It took place in an ancient castle. At the eve of the prince’s day of adulthood, the queen declared to host a grand ball for the prince the next day when the prince would choose his fiancée among all neighboring princesses. The prince felt upset, for he desired another kind of love. Suddenly, a flock of swans flew over the prince. How pretty the swans were! The prince took his bow and, together with his friends, chased after the swans.

 Act 2

In the beautiful lake, an elegant and noble swan turned into a charming and graceful girl, which stunned the prince.The pretty girl told the handsome prince her misery. It turned out that she was a princess, but the damned devil turned her and her mates into swans. It was not until the deep night could they turn back into human beings. Or only faithful love could help them get rid of the evil magic. The prince had the conviction that the princess was his sought-after lover, and swore that he would love her forever and save her from the sufferings. Yet the damned devil overheard his words.

 Act 3

At the ball for the prince to choose his wife, the devil pretended to be a knight and seduced the prince by his beautiful daughter. The prince was mesmerized. He mistook the girl at the ball center as his princess and took an oath in the devil’s request. As the devil succeeded in his conspiracy, the heart-broken princess flew back to the swam lake among the castle ruins


 Act 4

At this moment, it dawned upon the prince that he was cheated. The princess forgave the prince, but as the day was to break, the prince and the princess would be separated far apart. When tears trickled along the princess’ cheeks, the prince was determined to safeguard his faithful love. The devil put on a hideous face and changed the prince and other girls into swans floating on the lake. So grieved and indignant, the prince and the princess jumped into the swan lake. Justice triumphed over the evil and faithful love won over the evil demon at last. The devil died from the loss of magic. Bathed in the sun and nestling together, the prince and the princess sailed towards the shore of happiness.

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