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Russian St. Petersburg State Ice Ballet Cinderella
Date:2015-08-20 16:12:05 Source:Wenzhou China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Performed by: Russian St. Petersburg State Ice Ballet
Venue: Opera Hall, Wenzhou Grand Theater
Time: 19:30, September 17th, 2015
Ticket Price (RMB): 80, 180, 280, 380, 580

About the Ballet Cinderella

Act 1

  When Cinderella was a little child, her mother passed away and her father married again to a widow. The widow had two daughters and was very evil and cruel. Since the stepmother took over the house, Cinderella was forced to be their servant and slept in the kitchens by the fire, hence her name, Cinderella. As Cinderella grew up, she became very unhappy, with the only friends of a cat and a dog. Later when the palace announced to hold a grand ball, Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters asked a tailor and a dance teacher to prepare them for the ball where the prince would choose a wife. One day, a female beggar came to the house. Everybody stayed away from her, only Cinderella gave her the only bread crust she had. All people went to the ball, and Cinderella was left alone in the house. At that time, the female beggar took off her cloak and told Cinderella that she was fairy godmother. With the help of the fairy of four seasons, fairy godmother managed to send Cinderella to the ball.

Act 2

  When the ball reached the climax, Cinderella arrived at the ball. The prince and Cinderella fell in love with each other. Cinderella was too excited that she forgot fairy godmother’s warning that she must return home before the bell rang at midnight when her beautiful clothes would change back into rags. Upon the last chime of the clock, Cinderella ran out of the palace and left one glass slipper on the stair. The prince found the slipper, but no one knew who the pretty girl was, since even Cinderella’s family didn’t recognize her.

Act 3

    The prince traveled around the world in search of the girl who the glass shoe fitted. When he and his footmen were exhausted, fairy godmother took them to Cinderella’s home. When Cinderella woke up, she found another glass slipper in her apron pocket, so she knew it was not a dream and she danced for the cat and the dog in delight. Yet her stepmother and stepsisters compelled her to finish tasks harder than before. When her father told her that the prince came, she hid for she thought she was ugly in such ragged dress. When the prince asked her stepsisters to try on that shoe, her father found Cinderella hid another shoe in her hand. So her father took her to the prince, and the prince knew she was the girl he loved when he saw the other same shoe and took her back to the palace. And the ballet wrapped up with a magnificent wedding.

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