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Wanghai Tower
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Wanghai Tower is situated in Yandun Mountain at an altitude of 227 meters in Dongtou Island. The main tower, being the highest tower in the southeast coast, measures 35.4 meters high, a tourist landmark building in Dongtou. Initially built in 434 A.D., the tower has a history of over 1500 years. It includes such scenic sights as the Main Tower of Wanghai Tower, Yan Yanzhi Statue, Poetry Tablet Corridor, Tonghui Pavilion, Hongcheng Pavilion and Xinshang Pavilion. The scenic area preserves scrolls of calligraphy from famous calligraphers like Qi Gong, Shen Peng, Han Meilin, Li Duo, and Zhu Guantian. The Marine Folk Culture Exhibition in the main tower demonstrates the fishing customs in Dongtou by means of advanced photoelectric display.

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