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2016 New Year’s Concert by American South Chicago Symphony Orchestra
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Performed by: American South Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Venue: Opera Hall, Wenzhou Grand Theater
Time: 19:30, January 1st  , 2016
Ticket Price (RMB): 180, 280, 380, 480, 580, 680

Set up on south bank of Lake Michigan in 1993,South Chicago Symphony Orchestra now is in the command of Troy Weberdel, who is also the founder and commander of the symphony orchestra. The symphony orchestra was set up with the purpose of providing a large number of instrumental performance opportunities for musicians from Indiana, Illinois and Southwestern part of Michigan. Thanks to the unremitting efforts of musicians of generations, the symphony orchestra developed from a chamber orchestra comprised of merely more than ten members to a large-scale national symphony orchestra with hundreds of professional musicians as the core. So far, South Chicago Symphony Orchestra has become a renowned symphony orchestra in Southern Chicago region.
Besides the dozens of performances in America, the symphony orchestra also receives invitations from Europe and elsewhere around the globe: Germany, Britain, Spain, Turkey and Vienna etc. These daily performances enable it to be deeply rooted in tradition and maintain its detailed features and flexible interpretation of American and Vienna music. Through these features and ways, it extends the unique part of American and Vienna music to the new century. The symphony orchestra covers a wide range of repertoire from elegant classical music to modern music of world popularity.

In 2009, this group staged its premier show in China and presented a colorful symphony concert in Beijing Concert Hall. The repertoire included classical Straus’Waltz, the interlude of an American classical movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, the theme songs of the movie Robin Hood, The Adventure of Joseph, and West Side City, and also some classic Chinese songs like My Country and I, Overture of Spring Festival, Beautiful Night, The Song of the Yangtze River, The Drinking Tune, The Same Old Song,  The Song of JiGong and etc.

Since the symphony orchestra has won a good response in China in 2009, it was invited again in 2011 to give a performance tour in China. During the incoming tour, the symphony orchestra, based on Chinese audience appreciative characteristics, will play not only the world classical music masterpieces, but also a set of colorful, nice and cheerful New Year Concert tracks of different tastes particularly designed for Chinese audience, which includes lots of classical Chinese works. Audience present in this creative concert will herald the coming of the new year amid the grand performance given by musicians.

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