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Love Story --- Vitas 2015 China Tour
Date:2015-11-09 09:15:22 Source:Wenzhou China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Performed by: Vitas

Venue: Opera Hall, Wenzhou Grand Theater
Time: 19:30, November 12th , 2015
Ticket Price (RMB): 380, 580, 680, 880

Relish Enchanting Songs and Relive the Classics   

VITAS-- World Prince of Whistle Tone & Russian Soprano Singer

As a legend that sweeps across the music circle and an incarnation of charm and temptation,

Vitas is the youngest singer to hold a solo concert in the Kremlin Palace.

He is a legendary figure in Russia comparable to President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev,

And his diamond-like glamorous voice is regarded as the gift bestowed by God.

Unrivaled is his ethereal voice range, and his unique “whistle tone” overwhelms the world.  

He is a genius on stage, moving and attracting numerous people by his most beautiful voice.

Talented as he is, he can create amazing works to bring fans enjoyment of beauty;

Trendy and bold as he is, he glosses his lip in the brightest color and designs the most fabulous costumes for himself;

So charismatic he is, his alluring looks engage you in an instant and his melodic songs catch your eyes.

Vitas is famous for his broad range of five octaves and high pitch bewildering the ears. He is titled as “the Prince of Whistle Tone” and has a large crowd of fans in China. His songs adopts pharynx sound, high pitch and super high tenor, while his distinct voice enables him to awe the audience with his unique whistle tone worldwide. Indeed, Vitas’ vocal cords are different from others, a kind of gift bestowed by the God.   

In December, 2000, the legendary Russian singer Vitas shocked the world with his first single Opera 2. Since then, each of his albums contains at least 8 songs of his own creation.

From 2005 on, Vitas from Russia raged across Asian music circle. His music transcended the barriers of languages and won the attention and love of thousands of fans from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and South Korea. Moreover, each of his shows in China is packed-out and warmly welcomed by the audience.  

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