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Anfu Temple in Wencheng County
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Located on Tiansheng Mountain in Wencheng County of Wenzhou City, the Anfu Temple borders on the east the Baizhangji Waterfall, the highest in China; adjoins on the south the Feiyun Lake, the largest fresh water lake in south Zhejiang; abuts on the west the Tongling Gorge, the National Forest Park; neighbours on the north the national relics --- Former Residence of Liu Ji, one of the founders of the Ming Dynasty.        The temple, together with the Longqiyuan National Scenic Area, forms a picturesque landscape and boasts a pleasing climate.

First built in AD 808 during the Tang Dynasty under the rein of Emperor Xian Zong, the temple has been strictly observing Buddhist ethics and has long been worshiped by Buddhists. In history, scores of senior monks once became abbots of the temple. Among them were eminent monks Ming Zhen and De Xin only in the Qing Dynasty under the rein of Emperor Kangxi. They expounded and carried forward Buddhism, exerting its influence on numerous people in various suitable ways.

Originally, on the inner walls of the temple, were hung couplets, inscribed boards and inscriptions bearing not a few celebrities’ calligraphy in the past dynasties. Among the calligraphic works are a pair of couplets written by He Wenyuan, Assistant Minister for official personnel affairs in the first year of Jintai in the Ming Dynasty (AD 1450), inscription of “The Main Shrine Hall ”by the Qing Dynasty Emperor Shunzhi, and a golden inscribed board bearing the calligraphy of “Promoting Cizong Buddhism at the Temple” by Magistrate Deng of Qingtian County during the Qing Dynasty under the rein of Qianlong. But now,most of the calligraphic works have been damaged, and Completely preserved are only a stone tablet inscribed with “Anfu Temple ” during the Qing Dynasty under the rein of Emperor Guangxu.

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