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Roofed Wooden Arc Bridge Centered Taishun Cultural Park
Date:2015-10-20 09:33:38 Source:Wenzhou China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The Cultural Park is centered on the Roofed Wooden Arc Bridge, one of the “sister” bridges in the Taishun County’s Sixi Town, reputed as the most attractive among the bridges alike in the world. The Park is themed with the wooden arc bridge culture, aimed at developing unique scientific, historic, artist and ornamental value contained in the bridge. Concretely, it is planned to protect local non-material cultural heritages, such as Bao Clan Ancestral Hall and Zhang Shiyi’s former residence, Taishun puppet show, etc., and to construct traditional buildings, such as ancient-style houses and villages. It is also intended to build the park into a culture and tourism industry zone with inheritance of traditional culture, and display of folk-customs and folkways as the core so as to enrich and perfect rural landscape, and to develop leisure and sightseeing agriculture, and countryside vacation tourism.

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