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A Newly-Emerging A Level Scenic Spot: Impression Nantang
Date:2015-01-16 09:18:49 Source:Wenzhou China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

  Nantang, literally a pond in the south of the city, is born and thriving thanks to the waters. When the over 35km-long  river from Wenzhou to Rui’an was regulated and dredged in 1187 in the Southern Song Dynasty, The Nantang River (now known as Wenzhou-Rui’an Tanghe River) became a genuine grand canal and mother river in Wenzhou. For the past millennium, it was famous for ‘Nantang Post Road’ and ‘Hundreds of Miles of Lotus’. During the nearly 1600-year history of Wenzhou, numerous men of letters left their footprints in Nantang Street and Nantang River. Nantang nowadays is an urban salon of Wenzhou, integrating leisure, catering, entertainment and shopping. It is a large-scale commercial complex for tourism, culture and business.

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