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Traveling in Bowl Kiln Village
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  The town of Lingxi in Cangnan County is home to Bowl Kiln Village, a village named for its tradition of baking bowls in kilns. Built during the reign of Emperor Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty(13681644), Bowl Kiln Village reached its heyday in the late Qing Dynasty(1636—1912), when it housed 18 ascending kilns, hundreds of workshops, and dozens of water-powered trip-hammers and mud huts. It is no exaggeration that the village was a major center for folk kilns in Southern Zhejiang Province at that time. Today, the village is fading into oblivion, yet it still preserves well its ancient village form centering handicraft workshops, which can be traced back to the infancy of commodity economy. In a sense, the village is a living “history museum” and a wonder among human landscapes.

  The ancient Bowl Kiln Village features wooden village architectural complex of hilly areas of the Qing Dynasty. Residential houses and courtyards, workshops and kiln houses, water-powered trip-hammers and mud huts, temples and opera towers, commercial stores, boulder-paved roads, high stone walls, and water ditches interweave in harmony. In addition to the intact human landscape, Bowl Kiln Village is surrounded by streams, waterfalls, forests, and valleys, and covered with abundant vegetation. These altogether contribute to the highlighting feature of tranquility in the village. Another characteristic of the Bowl Kiln Village is that it offers you a chance to experience by yourself the time-honored craft of handmade pottery on the tips of your fingers.    

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