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Gorgeous Shunxi Scenic Area
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Shunxi, literally Along the River Area, is a place pertaining to water, as its name implies. This land lives up to its name Xi (meaning “stream”) as it is renowned for water. For all the famous water, and its time-honored history and rich culture, you can savor with your heart a sense of profundity. Visiting the resort in your leisure time, you can stroll along Linshui Old Street in the antique town on daytime, where you will relish the grandeur of Chen Family’s residential complex dating back to the end of Qing Dynasty1616-1911. You can also head for Zhiyin Gully in the afternoon, where you can appreciate the murmuring water and Sanzhe Waterfall at sunset. When the dusk falls, you can sit in the sidewalk snack booth beside a bridge to feast yourself on the appetizing local cuisine.

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