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A bite of Nantang Street
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Nantang Street is built along the Nantang River in the City of Wenzhou, stretching 1,800 meters from Jinxiu Road in the north to Wenzhou Avenue (Hualongqiao River) in the south. The Nantang Street is a large scale commercial complex for leisure, dinning, entertainment, shopping and cultural events, which is called the city lounge of Wenzhou. From ancient times till now, besides dragon-boat racing to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, Nantang Street has also been famous for its lotuses. In the past, both sides of the Tanghe River were planted with lotuses, whose fragrance could be smelled from afar

Wandering along the banks, you can appreciate the flowing lights and colors from the other side. You can stop at the stage and enjoy the local Kun operas, immersing yourself in the charm of Wenzhou traditional culture. Or you can feel the romance of Wenzhou from the gentle night breeze. Many people walking up and down, couples hugging affectionately, whispering to each other. There are over 20 restaurants of different styles lining up in Nantang Street, including a Korean BBQ restaurant, beer houses, pubs, and restaurant of different culture themes.    

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