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Wenzhou People Established First Chinese Radio Station in Europe
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At 3 o’clock a.m. 20th of October, Paris time, Radio de Mandarin en Europe (RME), the first European Chinese radio was formally launched. As the first full-time Chinese-French bilingual radio station in Europe, it is another oversea platform established by Wenzhouese in French after their decades of hard work.

Approved by the Canseil Superieur de I'Audiovisuel (CSA) in 2009, RME was prepared and applied from 2005 and funded by overseas Chinese in French. It is accessible in Grand Paris District. As far as we know, the 8 board directors are Lin Jingping, Cai Lianhua, Wu Changhong, Lin Ruisong, Jin Linze, Xu Zhixiao, Cheng Chaohui and Guan Guangcheng among whom 7 are Wenzhouese. 

The greatest characteristic of RME is Chinese-French bilingual broadcasting. During the 24-hour consecutive broadcasting, Chinese and French broadcasting each takes half of the time. The French broadcasting is from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. while the Chinese broadcasting is from 3 p.m. to 12 p.m. and the rest hour is a cutting collection of that day’s program. Besides, RME will also rebroadcast Charming Wenzhou, a program in Wenzhou dialect.

So far the RME has elaborately arranged 15 programs to deliver information on politic, business, law, livelihood, art and so on. In Chinese programs, RME will provide the latest news from China and France as well as more practical life information such as tourism, exhibitions, fashion trend, etc. In French program, RME will introduce Chinese culture features and customs to spread Chinese culture. It is known that RME will spend 3 years gradually increasing and perfecting the 15 programs and making them from recording to live broadcasting.

In addition, the 12-hour long French program launched by RME will increase exchanges and communications between Chinese and French on all aspects especially in education, culture, business, custom. Mutual understanding comes after the two countries get to know each other, then the two can be tolerant before better coexistence today. RME will help the Chinese in French to air their opinions on social affairs to increase their influences on the dominant society.

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